Can my cat forget me?

Holidays, long stays in hospital or away from home for various reasons … The vagaries of life can sometimes lead us to leave the home for a while, and to have to leave our cat, reluctantly. If these absences don’t prevent you from having a thought for your cat, what about reunion? Can a cat forget the face of its owner (s)? 

Manage separation

It is not enough to prepare carefully for its departure by looking for a solution for the care of its cat, but everything must be done to prepare for its return. Indeed, this change of habit can disturb cats, which by nature are quite routine beings. If it can sulk a little when you return from vacation to make you understand in his own way that he did not appreciate being left for a while , can he still forget you?

Can this indifference hide the fact that your cat no longer recognizes you? In truth, there is a greater chance that it will experience a lack of habits and landmarks more badly than your absence. But that does not mean that he lives it well for all that! So that the separation is not too brutal, you can leave one of your clothes or a fabric impregnated with your scent.

Are you missing your cat? 

To answer this question, we still need to know if cats sense the passage of time like humans, and how their memory works. What should be remembered above all is that cats have above all a sensory memory, particularly related to odours. Of course, they also retain human faces, recognize them and perceive them.

After their tenth birthday, a cat’s memory is likely to deteriorate a bit with age, but normally they have no problem remembering the faces they see every day.

As to whether he missed you, just base it on his behaviour when you return. An indifference can underline its bitterness at being left, and an increase in friction and purring means how happy it is to see you again. Either way, your tomcat missed you.

No, your cat will not forget you in 3 weeks 

When we know that some cats can disappear for more than 5 years and find their home without any problem, we would be wrong to doubt their ability to forget us in a month! After a short transition period on your return to resume the good old habits, your cat no doubt knows who you are.

Your scent undoubtedly brings back good memories to them, and lets them know who you are to them: someone who allows it to have a cozy and regulated daily life like music paper. And if the separation lasts much longer, don’t forget that their associative memory is an excellent help for them to remember the humans who have shared their daily life.

If they have fond memories of you as the person who hands out hugs – and food of course – they can’t put your memory in the dark! Also note that the more you adopt a young cat , the more likely it is that the bond that unites you with your cat will be strong and lasting.

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