Can cats get headaches?

Have you ever wondered if your feline can suffer from migraines? Today we will find out if cats can have headaches over the course of their lives.

Migraine, more commonly known as headache, is a very common ailment in humans, in fact some people suffer from it from time to time while others every day.

Who hasn’t wondered if felines can suffer from migraines too? Today we will find out together if cats can have headaches.

Can cats get migraines?

Head pain usually occurs when parts of the brain, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles, generate pain. This can happen either due to external factors such as dehydration, or due to other diseases. Since feline brains are also made up of blood vessels, muscles and nerves, it is thought that our beloved cats can get headaches too.

The causes of migraines are unknown, but experts say there are some factors that can cause cat headaches, such as:

  • Trauma to the neck 
  • Head trauma in cats
  • Collar 
  • Allergies in cats
  • Chemical substances
  • Tumors 
  • Dental problems in cats

How to tell if the cat has a headache?

Of course, cats don’t speak and therefore can’t tell when they have a headache. So how can we tell if the cat has a migraine? 

Having no speech, felines cannot describe their symptoms when they have a headache, but when a feline has pain they have universal symptoms such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Sensitivity in being touched
  • Isolation
  • Cat meows loudly
  • Red gums
  • Defensive behavior

Treatment of migraine in cats

In case you think your furry friend has a headache, you could do a lot to get him back. First of all, the human being when suffering from headaches generally looks for a quiet place, perhaps this can also help your cat. Find a quiet, secluded place for him to rest, and check him out from time to time.

Since one of the symptoms of pain is loss of appetite, it is necessary to encourage the cat to eat , thus also preventing the emergence of new problems due to the cat’s lack of appetite. In addition, it is also necessary for the cat to hydrate, as one of the causes of headaches could be dehydration.

It is very important not to give any human drug to a cat that is in pain. Also, in the event that your cat shows one or more of the symptoms listed above for more than half a day, it is advisable to contact a veterinarian as it could be something more serious than a headache.

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