Can Cats eat Yogurt?

The cat can tolerate yogurt and, due to its countless properties, it will also be very healthy. The case is different for dairy products and dairy products

The cat, the beloved domestic feline who likes to receive cuddles, a little funny, a little sweet and a little rebellious, is not a lover of all foods.

Unlike dogs that are always hungry and ingest with pleasure whatever is given (or almost), the cat has a more “superfine” nose and prefers certain tastes rather than others.

But what about yogurt, what can we say? The cat in general can eat it: the experts say it and the facts prove it.

Certainly we must not forget one very important thing: most cats are intolerant to lactose and dairy products in general, even if it is popular belief that they are good for you.

Cat yogurt: which one, how much and when to give it?

The case of yogurt is different: its processing is such that even if it must be ingested white, without flavorings or sugars and in small quantities, it is processed in such a way as to be easily digestible for the cat and indeed provides it with precious elements that they help keep fit and healthy.

Lactic ferments and probiotics for example: they support not only our intestinal flora, but also that of our cats, helping them to protect themselves from diarrhea, constipation and even stomach pain due to the continuous ingestion of hair (the so-called hairball).

Pay attention to the doses, however: it is advisable to take a quantity of yogurt of 5 milliliters before the main meal: this will also help in digestion and its vitality.

As mentioned, it must be white, possibly Greek, without any type of added sugar, even cane or xylitol and absolutely must not be abused.

Lactose intolerant cat: can we give him yogurt?

Caution: Some cats are highly lactose intolerant and may experience side effects from eating yogurt.

The most common are vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, lack of appetite, etc. In this case, let the cat get used to it very slowly.

In case it is absolutely unsuccessful and the symptoms listed are not relieved, we immediately eliminate this food from your diet.

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