Can Cats eat Thyme?

Are you wondering if your cat can eat thyme? Let’s find out if it is possible to add this herb to the cat’s diet.

In the pantries of our kitchens we can easily find various types of spices or herbs that we can use to season or flavor our dishes.

Among these herbs we find thyme, often used to season: fish, meat and vegetables. But can our four-legged friends taste this delicious spice? Let’s see if cats can eat thyme.

Can cats eat thyme?

Thyme is an aromatic plant that can be used in many ways: in cooking, in medicine and as an ornamental plant.

This plant, which can be wild or cultivated, is not only great for us humans but also for our pets.

In fact, thyme does not belong to the category of plants that can be poisonous to cats. Indeed, our four-legged friend can draw many benefits from this aromatic plant and its oil, as they are useful for:

  • Clean the digestive tract: Thyme can help the cat rid the digestive tract of hairballs that form when the cat licks itself to clean itself;
  • Avoid the growth of fungi and bacteria: this plant can, thanks to the thymol present in it, prevent bacterial and fungal infections;
  • Kills parasitic worms: the vet could administer the thymus, also to eliminate the worms present in the gastrointestinal tract of the feline;
  • Improve digestive health.

In addition, the thymus is also useful for urinary tract infections and to relieve and refresh the wounds and lesions present on the cat.

Thyme risks for cats

Although thyme is one of the very beneficial aromatic plants for cats and others, it is always important to be careful of the quantities.

It is recommended to introduce thyme in the cat’s diet, always a little at a time and under the advice of the veterinarian. It is important never to give your feline thyme oil as it can cause stomach problems for the cat. In fact, the cat could present:

  • Nausea _
  • Vomiting _
  • Gastritis in cats.

In case you decide to use thyme oil for your four-legged friend, it is important to ask your vet for advice on how to use this substance in the right way.

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