Can cats eat soy

Can cats eat soy or can it be dangerous for their health? Let’s try to understand what are the possible risks if you include this food in the cat’s diet.

A kitten owner has many responsibilities regarding their health, starting with their nutrition. The feline is a curious animal full of energy, whose nature leads it to experience many adventures even outside the home. The furry, therefore, is not a simple domestic companion but a creature who trusts his human and on whose figure much of his well-being depends, especially at the table. Let’s see, here, if the cat can eat soy or if it is better to avoid it.

Can cats eat soy?

Soy is considered to be among the best plant-based protein sources in nature. This food can give important benefits to the human being but is the same also true for the cat friend? Let’s read the answer later in the article.

The cat friend, as such, needs a correct and specific daily nutrition, with which he is able to support himself and express his every need during the day.

Speaking of nutrition, according to its characteristics, the cat eats mostly meat, so it needs above all animal proteins.

Being in close contact with his human owner, however, things change often and he can get used to eating, every now and then, foods that are not really suitable for his stomach.

Being very curious about the always different food that he finds on our table, also attracted by the delicious scents of cooked dishes, the cat tries to grab foods that could damage his health and that are absolutely forbidden for him.

Among the particular and most common foods there is also soy, a herbaceous plant belonging to the Leguminosae family. Many wonder if it can be offered to the domestic cat or not. Unfortunately, the answer must be negative.

The cat cannot eat soy, or rather, excessive intake would be discouraged, as soy can cause hyperthyroidism in the cat and would be a tiring condition to deal with.

The feline and its diet: advice on how to be careful

In addition to the attention to soy, the foods that the house cat should give up in order to stay healthy and not take dangerous risks are not finished. Let’s see, together, what it is and what are the precautions to be taken for the good of him.

The furry friend can learn, over time and with our teachings, to resist the temptations that call him inside the house, just arm himself with patience and know how to act towards him.

There are some foods that are considered very dangerous for your body. We are talking about chocolateraw eggssausages and cured meats, drinks such as coffee and tea, all foods that cause harmful consequences, such as pancreatitis in cats and salmonella in cats.

Furthermore, foods such as avocadoonion and garlic are prohibited, as they cause anemia. Furthermore, dog food is not recommended, because it can cause deficiencies in the animal.

To be removed from its face especially friesmushroomsnuts and fruit such as grapes and apricots, as well as all kinds of sweets.

It is essential for the cat to receive the right caloric intake of all the nutrients it needs to live well. Unlike fish, meat has a higher calorie intake for him, while he must never overdo it with cheese.

Should he suffer from a deficiency, it is possible to strengthen his diet by administering supplements, always after a consultation with the veterinarian.

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