Can Cats eat Quinoa?

Are you wondering if the cat can eat quinoa? Let’s see if the cat can benefit from this plant or if it can be harmful to the feline.

Quinoa is one of the foods that we can find today in most homes, as this pseudocereal is rich in nutritional values ​​useful for the well-being of the human being.

However, those who share their life with a cat wonder if the foods that can be beneficial for them can also be beneficial for their four-legged friend.

Let’s see below if the cat can eat quinoa or if this plant can be harmful to the cat.

Can cats eat quinoa?

The diet of felines consists mainly in the intake of meat, as cats, as we all know, are carnivores.

However, very often those who live with a small fur ball wonder if some foods that we humans can eat, can also be given to cats.

Among these foods we find quinoa, a herbaceous plant whose seeds when dried give rise to cereals.

Quinoa is rich in proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals, which is why it is beneficial for humans. But does the same apply to the cat? Can we give the cat quinoa?

The answer is yes, even felines can benefit from this pseudocereal. The nutritional substances that quinoa contains can be useful to the cat, however you have to be careful with the quantities.

Although quinoa is not toxic to cats, it is advised not to feed kittens as they have a sensitive digestive system.

Cat quinoa: what to watch out for

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, quinoa is a plant that can be good for the cat.

However, attention must be paid to the following points:

  • How to give quinoa to the cat: it is advisable to give the cat quinoa only if it is boiled and does not contain any seasoning, as the latter belong to the category of foods that are harmful to the cat;
  • Quantity: the amount of quinoa to give to the feline is very important. Only one tablespoon is needed at a time, as the fibers contained in this plant can cause vomiting or diarrhea in the cat.

Finally, although this food can be eaten by the cat, from time to time as a reward, being the cat a carnivore it would be necessary to avoid offering the cat quinoa.

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