Can Cats eat Pumpkin?

Can the cat eat pumpkin, or is this vegetable a danger to its health? Let’s find out the opinion of the experts.

Autumn has arrived, bringing to our tables one of the most delicious foods this season has to offer: pumpkin. Rich in minerals and vitamins, this vegetable offers numerous health benefits for humans. Does this also apply to our four-legged friends? Let’s find out if the cat can eat pumpkin, or if this food is absolutely to be avoided.

Can the cat eat pumpkin? All the benefits of this vegetable

Usually, cats and pumpkins tend to be related exclusively during the Halloween period. In reality, however, all those who enjoy the company of Fuffi should know that not only the cat can eat pumpkin, but it is also a real cure-all for his body.

In fact, this vegetable rich in water, iron, zinc and vitamins is able to strengthen the immune system of the cat and make its coat shiny and silky. Not only that: let’s discover all the benefits offered by pumpkin, which from today can no longer be missing in Fuffi’s diet.

Intestinal balance

One of the reasons why cats should eat pumpkin is that pumpkin is high in fiber, even when cooked. They are essential for the digestive system of the cat, because they help to satiate and hydrate it, without the contribution of fats.

In addition to contributing to the control of the animal’s weight, fibers play a key role in regulating its intestinal functions. These substances, in fact, are able to stop diarrhea and fight constipation in cats.

Away with the hairballs

Another important function of the pumpkin is to prevent the accumulation of hairballs in the cat’s stomach. By dedicating himself to cleaning operations, in fact, Fuffi can ingest such quantities as to cause serious problems.

Among these, the most common are bouts of vomiting in the cat, which can also be very violent. Feeding the pumpkin puree to the cat contributes to the correct expulsion of the hairballs from the esophagus of the animal. In fact, they are scraped off without causing discomfort and discomfort to Fuffi.

Goodbye intestinal parasites

Not only is it possible to feed pumpkin to the cat, but it is also advisable to give the cat the seeds of this vegetable. The reason? They are able to promote the expulsion of intestinal worms in cats.

In fact, they contain a high concentration of curcubitin, which acts as a natural dewormer, instantly paralyzing parasites. How to cook them to make the cat eat them? Just toast them and offer them to the cat as a snack: he will go crazy!

What parts of the pumpkin not to let the cat eat

Although squash is a highly beneficial food for cats, there are some parts of this vegetable that are best left un-fed. Among these, there are the flowers, excessively bristly and difficult to digest.

The peel of this food can also cause digestive problems in cats. A ban on pumpkin pulp, that is to say the soft and stringy part that is found in the center of the vegetable, as well as raw pumpkin.

Finally, spices, salt and sugar should be avoided. Of course, before feeding pumpkin to cat, it is always good to seek the advice of the veterinarian.

The correct amount of pumpkin that the cat can eat

What is the correct amount of pumpkin can my cat eat? If the veterinarian gives the green light, the adult cat can be given a teaspoon a day. As for the seeds, however, it is good to limit yourself to half a teaspoon, for a maximum of four times a week.

Usually, cats are greedy for this vegetable. In the event that Fuffi does not appreciate it, however, you can groped to mix the food inside the wet food that you normally give him.

If the animal eats pumpkin for the first time, monitor its health, also checking the feces, to promptly identify any cat food allergies.

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