Can Cats eat Peanuts?

Have you ever wondered if the cat can eat peanuts, often called peanuts? Let’s find out whether or not cats can benefit from peanuts.

Peanuts, also commonly called peanuts, are very often consumed by humans, both fresh, salted and in the form of peanut butter. Although this food contains a lot of fat, it is also rich in proteins and vitamin E.

Very often those who live with a pet also share human food with their four-legged friend. Some foods can be healthy for them, while others can be really harmful. Let’s see together if peanuts are a food to give to the cat or not.

Can cats eat peanuts?

Peanuts do not belong to the category of harmful or poisonous foods for the cat, nevertheless some things must be considered before feeding this food to the feline.

First, this food is high in fat and since our four-legged friend’s stomach can only handle small amounts of fat, too many peanuts could lead to obesity in cats.

In addition, this food also contains a high percentage of proteins and vitamin E and biotin. Although, as we all know, the basis of a cat’s diet is made up of proteins, the types of proteins contained in peanuts are not suitable for the needs of the cat. In fact, cats mainly need animal proteins, therefore meat.

Although vitamin E and biotin are also useful for the health of the feline’s connective tissue and for the health of its fur and skin, they are more nutritious foods that we can give to our four-legged friend.

However, although peanuts are not a harmful food for the cat, it is necessary, like any other human food offered to the cat, to give this food to the feline in moderation.

How to give peanuts to cats safely

As previously mentioned, peanuts are not a toxic food for cats, so they can be consumed in moderation, for example given as a treat, and with the consent of your veterinarian. But how can we give this cat food?

The safest way to give your cat peanuts is to give them fresh. As the salt, oil or various seasonings that may be present in a commercial peanut package are not safe for our four-legged friend at all.

It is also advisable to remove the peanut shell, as the latter could cause choking in the cat. So it is also necessary to pay attention to where to put the shells to prevent the cat from accidentally ingesting them.

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