Can Cats eat oregano?

A widely used spice in cooking. But can our four-legged friend eat it? Let’s see if the cat can eat oregano.

Cats are food fussy animals, but they are also very curious by nature. They can easily jump onto the table or chair when there is food on the table to steal some.

One of the widely used spices in cooking is oregano. We can use the latter perhaps to dress a tomato salad or to flavor a pizza and just as we prepare these foods, cat comes and steals some oregano.

What happen? Can it be harmful to our four-legged friend? Let’s see if the cat can eat this spice or if it can be harmful to his health.

Can cats eat oregano?

Oregano is an aromatic plant that has many therapeutic properties for humans. Do these properties also apply to our beloved felines?

Well yes! The beneficial properties of oregano are valid not only for us humans but also for our beloved cats. This spice has properties:

  • Antiseptics: useful for fighting bacterial infections;
  • Antivirals: useful for fighting the presence of viruses;
  • Antifungals: useful for fighting fungal infections;
  • Anti-inflammatory: useful for fighting inflammation.

This plant is especially recommended in the event that the feline has digestive disorders. Furthermore, in the event that the cat has arthritis, oregano is very useful for relieving the pains that the disease causes.

Due to its antiseptic properties, the oregano plant is very useful to the cat suffering from meteorism or intestinal swelling.

Instead, thanks to its antiviral property, this spice can prevent and fight germs and bacteria in the feline’s body.

Although this plant does not belong to the category of plants toxic to cats, and it is beneficial for the cat, it would be advisable to pay attention to the quantities and always contact a veterinarian before giving it to your pet, as each cat has a different organism.

Benefits of oregano oil on cats

In addition to the benefits of the oregano plant, very often we also talk about the benefits of oregano oil, i.e. the oil extracted from the leaves of oregano.

According to some research, the latter also has many benefits for our four-legged friends. Here are some of them:

  • Useful for cat external otitis: the oil can be useful to fight the pathogens responsible for this disease. Furthermore, together with conventional drugs, oregano oil has an antibacterial and antifungal function;
  • Fights the presence of fungi in the body: thanks to the presence of isomeric phenols, in particular carvacrol;
  • Eliminates worms, protozoa and amoeba: Mexican researchers have stated that oregano oil has anti-parasitic properties;

In addition, the oil of this spice can also be applied to the skin of the cat to soothe scratches and wounds and keep the cat’s hair always healthy, avoiding feline alopecia.

It is good to remember that for any type of use of this oil on your pet it is advisable to contact the veterinarian.

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