Can cats eat mashed potatoes?

Felines eat few human foods, but have you ever wondered if cats can eat mashed potatoes? Let’s find out together.

Very often those who live with a four-legged friend tend to give their cat some human food. However, in order to feed your cat with human foods, it is very important to know what foods the feline can eat.

In the following article we will see if the cat can eat mashed potatoes or if the latter can be harmful to our four-legged friend.

Can cats eat mashed potatoes?

Living with a feline also means finding your cat standing watching us while we have dinner.

But if we are eating mashed potatoes can we give in to its sweet gaze in search of a taste?

Before answering the question definitively, it is good to know that cats are obligate carnivores, so they feed mainly on animal proteins. However, we can add something to your diet from time to time.

Although potatoes are an excellent food for the Kitty, as they contain vitamins and minerals, you have to pay attention to the additional ingredients we use to make mashed potatoes:

  • Salt: a highly toxic ingredient for our feline friends;
  • Milk, butter and cheese: being obligate carnivores, cats do not need to consume dairy products. Furthermore, some felines may not digest them or be allergic to these foods;
  • Garlic, chives, leeks and onions: these are all ingredients that damage the body of the cat.

How to give cat mashed potatoes

Ultimately our beloved feline can eat mashed potatoes, only if the latter does not contain the ingredients listed in the previous paragraph, which can cause damage to our four-legged friend.

So for our Kitty the mashed potatoes must be composed exclusively of potatoes only. However, although the latter does not hurt our furry friend, it is advisable to pay attention to the quantities.

In fact, a large amount of mashed potatoes, even if composed only of the latter, can cause various symptoms in the cat:

  • Diarrhea in cats
  • Vomiting in the feline;
  • Stomach pains.

In conclusion, you can give your four-legged friend the mashed potatoes made up only of potatoes, paying attention to the quantities. After all, this food does not bring nutritional needs to our furry friend, it is just a small “snack” for the cat.

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