Can cats eat mackerel?

Felines love fish, but can they eat any type of fish? Let’s see together if the cat can eat mackerel.

Nutrition is a very important factor for the health of our four-legged friends. It is also known that felines are very “picky” animals when it comes to food.

Our furry friends are very fond of fish, however you need to know if they can eat any kind of fish. In this article we will see if the cat can eat mackerel or if the latter could cause damage to its health.

Can cats eat mackerel?

In nature, cats do not feed on fish, yet our four-legged friends love the latter.

But among the many fish, can the cat also eat mackerel? The answer to this question is yes , our furry friend can eat this food.

In addition, mackerel is rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids, which have many benefits for our beloved felines. In fact they are very useful for the skin and coat of the cat and to strengthen the immune system of the cat.

However, mackerel does not have all the nutrients a cat needs, for this reason it is necessary that the feline eat mackerel once a week and that this food does not replace the daily food of the cat.

In fact, this fish is deficient in taurine, an important enzyme for the feline and present above all in animal meat. In addition, mackerel is also rich in fish oil, which in high quantities can lead to a lack of vitamin E in the cat.

Finally, a food allergy to mackerel may also occur in the cat. In this case, our four-legged friend will present the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting in cats
  • Feline diarrhea;
  • Itching.

How to give cat mackerel

As mentioned earlier, mackerel should be given to your cat once a week. To ensure that this type of fish cannot damage the health of the cat, it is necessary not to give it raw mackerel.

It is possible to give our four-legged friend, however, cooked mackerel, without adding seasonings, as they can be harmful to the cat.

Finally, we can also give our beloved feline canned mackerel, only if it contains water and not oil. Otherwise it is necessary to drain the mackerel before adding it to the cat’s food.

In addition, smoked mackerel should also be avoided, as it contains a lot of salt, a food that is harmful to our four-legged friends.

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