Can cats eat leek

Can the cat eat leek or is it a food that is harmful to his body? Let’s find out if there are benefits or dangers to the health of the dear feline.

The feeding of the feline is one of those aspects that need to be better taken care of in everyday life. Providing the pet cat with all the foods necessary for him to grow and to provide him with the well-being he deserves is an ongoing challenge. At the same time, you have to keep the furry under control, always tempted by foods never tasted before. Let’s see, for example, if the cat can eat leek or if it is dangerous for its health.

Can the cat eat leek: the possible risks

We are talking about a food that is always present in our kitchens, ideal for preparing tasty, healthy and delicious dishes. But the dear cat can eat leek with us, mixed in his dishes, or he risks damaging his organism. Let’s go deeper below.

When it comes to feline nutrition, one cannot fail to take a serious tone. The daily diet of the cat is the basis of its psychological and physical well -being, and from it derives its serenity within the family.

A good health of the hairy is built, day by day, on quality foods and on a natural cuisine, capable of giving him all the energy and determination that are indispensable for him, inside and outside the home.

In the kitchen, however, cat is really curious and cannot resist the scent of many foods that he does not know or that you do not think to offer him, because perhaps they are not suitable for him.

One often wonders if certain foods might be suitable for him, such as leek. Let’s try to respond immediately.

Leek is a food belonging to the onion family. This, along with chives, shallots and garlic, called allium, should be excluded from its diet.

If you were wondering if the cat can eat garlic, the answer must be no.

We are talking, in fact, of a food containing a particular haemolytic substance capable of seriously damaging the health of the feline.

The cat and the curiosity of the leek: the harmful consequences

The feline has a delicate stomach, as does the dog. His diet must be specific and one cannot risk offering him any food just for the joy of seeing him enthusiastic. Let’s see what the dangers can be if your cat were to ingest the leek.

Not all foods that occur in nature and that we may have available can be fed to our furry friends.

Often, his curiosity and gluttony in the kitchen exceed the limit and it is up to us to notice his silent movements, monitoring his quick gestures and protecting him from dangers.

If the cat accidentally ingests the leek, in fact, it can face very serious annoying problems. We are talking about ailments such as abdominal cramps and gas, as well as anemia in cats and bleeding.

This type of food, as well as others mentioned above, should be avoided for the safety of the furry dog ​​and in order not to develop problems that can persist over time and negatively affect his life.

Regarding any doubts about the foods to be included in the cat’s diet, it is always advisable to consult with your trusted veterinarian, to find out which are the most suitable foods based on the breed, age and health conditions of the feline.

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