Can Cats eat frozen Fish?

Can the feline eat fish, an excellent source of protein, but also frozen fish? Let’s see together if we can give the frozen fish to the cat.

Those who have not heard from their mother at least once in their life, eat fish that’s good for you! Very often we ask ourselves if this food can also be eaten by our four-legged friends.

We know that cats, despite being carnivorous animals, can also eat fish once in a while. In fact, the latter is rich in protein and fat-free, therefore very effective for overweight cats. But if the fish is frozen, can it have the same effects on your cat? Let’s find out together.

Frozen cat fish: yes or no

As previously mentioned, cats are carnivorous animals, so they eat mainly meat. Nevertheless, it is possible to integrate fish into the diet of our four-legged friend. As we all know, fish is rich in proteins, omega 3 and phosphorus which are very useful for preventing any disorders in the cat and is also easily digestible.

But does frozen fish also have these effects on our beloved feline? Well yes! Even frozen fish can be easily consumed by the cat. Furthermore, this food can be even safer than fresh fish, as it is already clean and therefore is free of thorns and bones that can cause damage to the cat’s body.

Whether it is fresh or frozen, it is important to remember that it is advisable to offer the cat a few portions of fish once a week. This is because this food, if eaten in high quantities, can destroy some vitamins that are important for the health of our four-legged friend.

In case you would like to be sure of how often to offer frozen fish to your cat, you can contact your veterinarian who will also be able to tell you the right quantities for your cat.

How to give your cat frozen fish

First of all, remember that in the case of fresh fish, it is important that the latter is cooked and not given raw to the cat. As for frozen fish, obviously it is not recommended to offer it to your four-legged friend cold from the fridge or defrosted and raw.

It is also necessary that the frozen fish is cooked well, preferably, for the health of the cat, boiled or steamed. It is also recommended not to cook fish with garlic or onion, as they are harmful food for the cat.

Then it would be advisable to let the fish cool and chop it in such a way as to eliminate any bones that may be present inside. Finally, you can give frozen fish to your cat, avoiding to season it with lemon, as it is a toxic food for the cat.

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