Can Cats eat Corn?

Cat and corn: can the feline eat cereal? Let’s find out if corn is bad for cats and what are any advantages and disadvantages related to the consumption of the food.

In reality, there are not many foods that we can share with our cat. The little feline has very specific nutritional needs, which differ significantly from ours. Therefore, every time we give food to the cat, the question arises: is the food suitable for his organism? In this article we will find out together if the cat can eat corn.

Cereals in the cat’s diet

Corn, as we all know, is a cereal. What role do grains play in a cat’s diet? As we know the little cat is a carnivore; therefore its nutritional needs must be satisfied by meat, which almost entirely occupies the “pages of its menu”.

Suffice it to say that 90% of his diet must be based on meat. The consequence is that there is little space left for other types of food: fish, which after meat has a predominant role in the feline’s diet, fruit and cereals.

Therefore, albeit to a limited extent, cereals also find space in a cat’s diet.

Can cats eat corn?

Even if the cat can eat cereals, it is not recommended to include corn in its diet; the disadvantages deriving from a long-term intake of the food are many, compared to almost non-existent nutritional advantages.

The feline is unable to extract sufficient energy sources from plants: meat can never be replaced as a main dish by cereals, including corn.

Continued intake over time can lead to obesity in the cat and promote the onset of feline diabetes. It can also cause hair problems: the main symptom is cat itching, accompanied by dry skin. If the disorder is not treated promptly it can result in excessive hair loss.

Some useful tips

The fact that corn should not be permanently included in the feline’s diet does not translate into an automatic ban on eating the food: even the cat can eat corn, but with due precautions. Here are some little tips:

  • Occasional consumption: do not accustom the cat to the taste of corn. It’s okay to feed him the cereal from time to time, but it doesn’t have to be a systematic part of his diet;
  • Quantity: when it comes to feeding the cat, the key word must always be moderation: small quantities are enough to break the cat’s hunger while waiting for the main meal or as a simple reward. For this reason, the best time to serve corn is always a snack;
  • Always fresh: Is the cat fussy? This is not quite the case. The feline in nature eats many times a day, preferring small prey, therefore always fresh food. Even the house cat has the same needs in terms of nutrition, and corn is no exception. Therefore the cereal must always be served fresh;
  • Watch out for labels: When you buy canned corn at the supermarket, pay attention to the ingredients. If there are too many additives, avoid serving it to the cat; better to prefer a corn on the cob, having the patience to detach a few kernels to give them to the little feline.

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