Can Cats eat Chicory?

Vegetables in the cat’s diet: can cats eat chicory? Let’s discover the benefits and risks associated with the consumption of the food.

As we know, vegetables are not exactly the ideal food for cats, hunters and carnivores. But this does not mean that there are no foods, even in this food category, that he can eat with relative tranquility. Let’s find out if the cat can eat chicory and what are the possible risks and benefits related to the consumption of this vegetable.

The vegetables and the cat

There are many vegetables that the cat cannot eat, because they have toxic effects on its organism: onion, garlic, green tomatoes, aubergines, shallots. In short, vegetables are a minefield for the little feline, and before venturing into their foods with the aim of enriching the cat’s diet, it is good to inquire in advance about what they can and cannot eat.

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand when it is really necessary to integrate his diet. The cat is an extremely habitual animal, and its diet does not seem to be an exception: meat must be the main dish of its menu, and there doesn’t seem to be so much room for the rest.

On the other hand, the wild cat integrates very little: it does not eat fruit, vegetables, or cereals. Do not think that for our felines, being domesticated, the discourse is different; of course, they live alongside us, but their needs are exactly those of their ancestors: a question of DNA.

Can cats eat chicory?

Despite this, the domestic cat’s diet can be supplemented by other foods than meat, such as vegetables. Does it also include chicory? The answer is no: the cat cannot eat chicory, or at least it is not recommended to feed it.

It is not a toxic food for your body; therefore its ingestion does not cause poisoning for the cat. However, a constant intake over time could cause serious damage. In fact, chicory contains oxalic acid: a habitual consumption of the vegetable favors the onset of stones.

Furthermore, there is no particular nutritional benefit linked to the consumption of this vegetable; therefore, even if your cat likes chicory, it is better to use other vegetables that are more suitable for his body.

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