Can Cats eat Bran?

Bran for the cat, when is it possible to offer him this food? In what situation? Let’s see if bran can bring benefits in feeding the cat and when it can help.

Our four-legged friend can go through periods when his health is not at its best. The care we give him along with proper nutrition can help him get better. Having the right attention for the furry dog ​​is a responsibility that we must take seriously, because only we owners can do something to help the pet. There are foods that can benefit the cat in particular conditions. Today, let’s see what the benefits of bran can be for the cat and on what occasion.

Bran for cats: beneficial properties for their health

We are talking about a food now widespread for its rich properties, even for our animal friends. Wheat bran, in particular, is suitable for cats with a particular state of health. We read better in the article.

A good health for your cat is obtained above all from the diet you choose for it. Being domesticated, the feline is no longer free to eat what he finds on his path, without knowing the consequences. His nutrition is entrusted to the owner who, wisely, decides which foods and substances to offer to his furry friend. Often, the cat finds himself facing problems or ailments related to his stomach and a consequence of these problems is the difficulty of getting rid of his own needs.

We have the opportunity to help the animal by supplementing its balanced diet with foods that can help improve its uncomfortable condition. There are foods that help the dog to evacuate properly and that bring him back, slowly, in a form of well-being. Among these, bran is now in common use. But what exactly is it?

Bran is a kind of fibrous coating that covers the seeds of some cereals, such as wheat. And it is wheat bran that is most used and ideal for cat health. It is a food that has been greatly re-evaluated for its remarkable properties, for us humans and for furry friends. An uncomfortable condition such as constipation or constipation in the cat, can make the daily life of the animal complicated, especially if we are talking about the management of an elderly cat.

An intestinal blockage is the consequence of constipation in the feline and is a rather complicated condition to deal with. If the cat’s feces are very dry, he has serious difficulties in carrying them out. Over time, in fact, this problem can worsen if immediate action is not taken. Bran can be an excellent cure for cats. Let’s see how it can restore serenity.

The power of bran for the feline

Wheat bran is a food with a high amount of fiber, making it a powerful laxative for the furry. Its numerous fibers, in fact, have the power to stimulate bowel movements, helping the cat suffering from constipation to get rid of it completely. The best way to feed your cat bran is by putting a teaspoon or two in its portion of food (again considering the animal’s weight) twice a day.

The same good properties are also present in oat bran, which can be evaluated in the absence of the previous one. The intake of small doses of bran can be functional for our cat, also to balance a lack of essential fibers in the cat which, in the wild, is able to take from the skin of its prey.

Not just bran for the cat: other ideal foods

In nature, we are fortunate to have other healthy foods and excellent supplements to treat cat health problems as well. These foods and substances can be indispensable for improving your health condition. Let’s see how.

For a cat in a delicate condition of constipation or other intestinal disorders, it is necessary to integrate and increase the doses of some foods considered ideal for this purpose. Among these, we certainly find green vegetables, such as green beans and spinach, obviously washed and cooked. The cat can eat pumpkin, an excellent food for him if he is constipated: this is because the pumpkin contains a lot of water and fiber; to be served always mixed with its wet food and in the right doses for its weight.

Brown rice can be another alternative in your rebalancing diet. In addition to nutrition with these healing foods, it is very important to know how much water your cat needs to drink, trying to keep him well hydrated every day. Drinking lots of water helps make stool softer. Proper hydration together with the right diet are the tools to promote the functioning of the entire organism in our animal and to treat common ailments such as the one we have treated.

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