Can cats eat blueberries?

While fruit is not part of a cat’s natural diet, some foods are also good for him. Can cats eat blueberries? Let’s find out together!

Among the many fruits that summer has to offer are blueberries. Fruits of the forest, small, sweet, excellent to be served fresh to fight the heat of summer. Obviously, during this season we are not the only ones to be hot. Our pets also have the same problem. Can cats eat blueberries? Let’s see what the experts say.

Blueberries yes, blueberries no

The cat has very specific nutritional needs, and for this reason, before feeding our little feline a new food, we must always first inform ourselves whether it is recommended or not for its health. Blueberry, and all fruit in general, is no exception. What can be good for our metabolism often does not correspond to the well-being of the cat.

But can cats eat blueberries? The answer is yes, but with the necessary precautions. The reason? The cat is a carnivorous animal. And even if they have transformed into our little parlor tigers, they continue to preserve the DNA and all the typical characteristics of the wild cat. For this reason, their diet must consist of 90% meat. It is in their nature. Not going along with it would be a mistake for the cat’s diet.

In nature, cats do not eat fruit, which is absolutely not part of their diet. However, this does not mean that we cannot feed our cat. It is true that not all fruits are good, but blueberries are among those that cats can eat, thanks to the benefits it provides to their body.

The benefits of blueberry for cats

Do you want your cat always young and fit? Then the blueberry is the fruit for you (and for him). The reason? It is a food that contains a high number of antioxidants, which, among other things, slow down the aging of the cat. But they also help prevent diseases such as cancer, and help in inflammation of the cat’s urinary tract.

Not to mention that many cat foods that we find in the supermarket contain blueberry extracts. But be careful, these are products treated in an appropriate way to ensure that they do not affect the sugar levels of our cat. It’s not the same as giving your cat fresh blueberries. For this we must be careful in giving the right doses of this fruit.

The risks

Despite the great benefits cats can have from eating blueberries, there are also risks that cannot be ignored. Blueberry, like all fruit, is not part of the natural diet of the cat. Eating blueberries routinely (even worse in large quantities, even as a meal replacement) can cause long-term health problems.

The main danger is represented by feline diabetes. The intake of sugars for long periods of time can be deleterious and should be absolutely avoided. In less severe cases, a large amount of blueberries can still cause digestive problems.

Some useful tips

You know, cats have a very demanding palate (some even more than ours)! In short, even for blueberries you will have to be very careful what you have to bring to the table. Seriously, cats have a different diet than ours, and there are some precautions to be taken, useful for preserving their health:

  • Fresh Blueberries: Cats always eat fresh food. This is why we tend, even jokingly, to paint him as a snobbish animal. But that’s not quite the case. These are needs that derive from his hunter’s DNA, which he still retains today. In nature he is used to always fresh and frequent meals. The same also applies to fruit and therefore to blueberries;
  • Even cooked: You know, tastes are not the same for everyone. This also applies to cats. If yours doesn’t like fresh blueberries, before giving up for good, try letting them taste cooked. They won’t lose any of their qualities and… they might like them!
  • Pay attention to what you buy: it is a universal advice and always valid for every product we buy. Of course, this also applies to the blueberries we feed our cat. It is always better to rinse the fruit with running water before making it eat:
  • Blueberries as a… snack: Remember to give blueberries to your cat only for short snacks. Cats need to eat several times a day, making small meals. Blueberries are ideal for a little break in their tiring day!
  • Don’t overdo it – moderation is always very important. Let’s remember once again that fruit is not part of their natural diet. And they also have a stomach and metabolism completely different from ours. So give your cat a few blueberries at a time; 2 or 3 per snack is the ideal number.

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