Can Cats eat Apricots?

Can cats eat apricots? Let’s see together if this fruit belongs to the category of foods that we can give to cat.

It is well known that felines are completely carnivorous animals, meaning their diet is mainly composed of animal proteins.

However, often those who live with a cat add fruit and vegetables to the cat’s diet, both as a treat and as a snack. But not all types of fruit can be given to the Kitty. Let’s see together if the cat can eat apricots.

Can cats eat apricots?

Felines usually don’t need fruit or vegetables in their diet.

However, since cats have become pets, these foods have often been added, albeit in small quantities, to their diets. But can cats also eat apricots?

The answer to that question is yes! Furthermore, our four-legged friend can derive some benefits from consuming this fruit. In fact, apricot is rich in vitamins AC and Ebeta-carotene and  potassium, an excellent antioxidant for the cat.

Furthermore, the fibers contained in the apricot can be very useful for the digestion of the cat and the other nutrients are useful for the liver of the cat.

Risks of apricot for cats

Although apricot is a very beneficial fruit for the kitty, there are some parts of them that can be poisonous to the cat.

In fact, the stem, the leaves and the stone of the apricot contain poisonous substances that can cause various problems to our four-legged friend, such as:

  • Breathing problems
  • Vomiting in cats
  • Insomnia;
  • Muscle aches;
  • Nausea in cats
  • Death (in case of excessive consumption of apricot parts)

Furthermore, the quantity of apricot pulp that is offered to the cat is very important, as a large amount could cause vomiting and diarrhea in the cat .

How to give apricot to cats

Once it is established that the cat can eat apricot, how can we offer it to the kitty?

First you need to carefully clean the apricots under running water. Then you have to cut them and deprive them of the stone, leaves and stem, which as we said previously are poisonous for the feline.

Then remove the peel and cut the apricot into slices, not too small, then wash the apricot slices and give them to your four-legged friend, paying attention to the quantities.

In addition, cats can also eat dried apricots and apricot jam. The latter in very few quantities and from time to time so as not to cause damage to the health of the cat such as diabetes.

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