Can Cats eat Anchovies?

Felines love meat but very often also feed on fish. But can cats eat anchovies? Let’s find out.

Felines are carnivorous animals and are also picky when it comes to their nutrition. Often those who live with a cat also add other foods such as vegetables, fruit and even fish to the latter’s diet.

However, one wonders if our four-legged friends can eat all kinds of fish. Today we will see together if cats can eat anchovies or it should be avoided.

Can cats eat anchovies?

An excellent food that can be given to cats as an alternative to the usual meat is fish.

The latter is rich in proteins and nutrients that help the cat’s health. Among the many fish that felines can eat, we also find blue fish.

One of the latter is the anchovy. Anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B12.

Precisely for all these nutritional elements the cat derives many benefits from anchovies.

Benefits of anchovies for cats

As previously mentioned, the cat derives many benefits from the consumption of anchovies.

In fact, omega-3 fatty acids are useful for enhancing the brain function of the feline, especially when it is small.

They are also great for giving your cat elastic and healthy skin and work as anti-inflammatories for cats with arthritis.

On the other hand, vitamins are useful for fighting depression in cats, giving them the right energy and improving their mood.

Furthermore, vitamins are useful for supporting the skeletal system of the cat and are an aid for the healthy function of his liver.

As with any other added food, it is advisable not to replace the cat’s daily meal with anchovies. This small fish should only be given to the cat as a snack, maximum 2 per day.

How to give anchovies to the cat

It is advisable to give the cat raw anchovies but above all fresh.

However, you can also offer your cat steamed or boiled anchovies.

It is necessary not to give anchovies in oil, salted anchovies, marinated or fried anchovies to the cat. As they contain condiments that belong to the category of foods harmful to cats.

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