Can a domestic cat become feral?

Wild cats are present in our countryside, but also in our cities. Although many associations are working to prevent their proliferation, it is still complicated today to act in all areas. In addition, some of our domestic cats are not sterilized, they also participate in this phenomenon. During breeding periods, it is thus possible that some want to leave in order to reproduce. At times like these, many of our companions unfortunately cannot find their homes and may get lost. Therefore, can a domestic cat become feral once in the street?

The loss of a cat

When a cat runs away or is abandoned, it can unfortunately stay in the wild for a long time. If it has not been identified and is of a very sociable temperament, it is likely to find himself with a new family at some point. However, it can also be chipped/tattooed, but not be caught and stay away from human activities. Thus, the chances that it finds his original home are less. Left to his own devices, he may encounter other stray cats.

Lack of human relations

Originally, cats are very independent animals. When they find themselves on their own, their survival and hunting instincts can then develop further. However, it is possible that the absence of relations with humans disconnects them from their domestication. In this case, after several months or years outdoors, a cat may become feral. Despite his previous socialization, the fact of not being stimulated afterwards awakens mistrust or fears towards men.

Difference in temperaments

Some tomcats are very sociable originally and it is then possible that they do not lose their sociability with humans, even if they are no longer around them. Indeed, each case is different and we cannot say that a cat will systematically become feral if it only frequents stray cats.

Animals run a lot on instinct, and we can’t control that. Whether he becomes wild or not will therefore depend on his own temperament. If he is rather fearful or touchy at the beginning, there will be more “chances” that he will become wild. On the other hand, if it is very affectionate and asks for a lot of hugs, there will be much less risk that he will become wild and suspicious.

Importance of identification

Different associations trap stray cats in order to sterilize them. Before any intervention, the animals are passed to the reader of chips in order to make sure that it is not about a domestic cat. If it is identified, it can easily find his family and avoid loneliness. Otherwise, after being sterilized, it will return to where it was caught.

In summary, a domestic cat may become feral if it stays with stray cats. This behavior may or may not predispose them to be wary of humans. On the other hand, it is not impossible that a small feline gets lost and becomes slightly wild or fearful, but recognizes its masters several years later. The cases vary according to the cats and their personality. It is also very important to ensure the identification of your animal in order to put all the chances on your side to find it if it ever gets lost one day.

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