Burmilla Cat care: brushing, hygiene and grooming tips

The care of the Burmilla is everything related to the beauty secrets of this breed, from hygiene to daily grooming.

Caring for the Burmilla has to do with everything related to this cat’s well-being ranging from hygiene to grooming its magnificent coat.

However, before proceeding to the specific interest concerning the Burmilla’s coat, it is necessary to know its type, and then go into the explanation of the maintenance and cleaning of this breed.

Burmilla care: how to care for the coat

As we mentioned previously, to take care of the Burmilla’s care, as for the care of any other cat, it is necessary to know the type of coat.

The Burmilla is a medium-sized cat with a sturdy build and short hair.

The pattern of the hair can be traditional and sepia. As for coloring, all colors are accepted in the breed standardsexcept for white.

The color never starts from the root to the tips but always at half length or three quarters, practically what determines the “shaded” effect of the coat.

This is a fine-textured coat that makes this cat incredibly soft to the touch.

The short-haired Burmilla does not require special care, brushing once a week is sufficient, except during the moulting period, brushing must be more frequent.

This is useful for removing the dead coat and any fleas or other parasites.

The diet of the Burmilla also plays its part, the benefits of a healthy diet reflect on the appearance of the animal’s coat and consequently also on health.

What is the ideal brush for the Burmilla

For the Burmilla cat brushing it is necessary to have different accessories for the different grooming phases, such as :

  • Stiff brush : equipped with separate, long, stiff bristles and with the tip protected by pellets. It has the function of brushing the animal thoroughly, without however causing any damage to the cat’s skin;
  • Soft bristle brush : equipped with long, soft and dense bristles. It has the function of eliminating dust and any other thing stuck to the hair;
  • Carding glove for the cat : thanks to the combination of plastic-coated teeth with rigid rings, it combines the absolute effectiveness of sanitizing brushing with the real pleasure of a relaxing massage.

Hygiene and cleaning of the Burmilla

Taking care of your Burmilla also means taking care of the hygiene and well-being of the cat. Let’s see what it consists of in practice.

When you decide to welcome an animal into your home, you need to know that you need to take care not only of food but also of its well-being.

This includes not only the grooming we have just seen but hygiene as well.

Even though a cat knows how to be extremely obsessed with cleaning, for which he spends so many hours, isolated licking himself, there are some points that are unattainable for him and for which he needs the help of his human friend.

The points on the cat’s body to clean are :

  • Oral hygiene of the cat : clean the teeth with Burmilla even daily, using sanitizing creams for teeth or toothbrushes;
  • Eyes : cleaning the eyes of the Burmilla, can be useful in the prevention of both annoying infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis in cats;
  • Ears: clean to avoid the accumulation of secretions and not to develop infections and skin disorders;
  • Nails : shortening your cat’s nails helps prevent pain and infections caused by growing inward. However, it is best to consult a specialist or veterinarian.

As for the bath at Burmilla, it is not necessary to do it often, it may be enough once every 4 weeks, or in case of unexpected dirt.

While if you want to perform a quick and refreshing action, you can use special sanitizing wipes.

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