Broken cat’s claw: causes and remedies of the problem

Feline nails can also break. Let’s see together what are the causes and remedies of the cat’s broken toenail.

It is not often that you find your cat with a broken nail, as being the latter retractable, therefore “protected”, it can hardly break. While it is very easy for the feline to suffer from an ingrown nail.

However, this situation can arise, Why? What needs to be done to remedy this? Let’s find out together everything you need to know about the cat’s broken nail.

Broken cat’s nail: causes and remedies

Cats have retractable nails, so they can hardly break, unlike dogs that can easily find broken nails. Nevertheless, it can also happen to our beloved feline, why?

The main cause of such a situation is the length of the cat’s nails. In fact, the latter being long can easily break at the tip or base, when our four-legged friend ferociously pulls something. For this reason it is recommended to cut the feline’s nails before they grow too much. Other causes of nail breakage in the cat can be:

  • Scratches too much in the carrier
  • File your nails too much
  • The cat quarrels with other cats
  • Cats has been invested
  • Falls from above

Broken nail in the cat: what to do?

Broken nail can cause a lot of pain in our furry friend, and it is known that a cat that experiences pain, hardly gets close and becomes nervous enough. For this reason the only thing to do is to take the cat to the vet.

The specialist will check which part of the nail has broken. If it is the tip will try to cut the nail to the cat with the appropriate nipper. Always if the cat will let him do it, otherwise he will wait for the growth of the nail and then cut it.

In the event that the rupture is at the base of the nail, most likely the veterinarian will wait for the growth of the latter, also because in addition to excessive bleeding the cat will experience additional pain if the nail in this case is cut.

If in addition to breaking the nail the feline has pulled so hard that it fractures the phalanges, most likely the specialist will take an X-ray to ascertain the diagnosis and act accordingly.

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