British Shorthair Cat care: breed hygiene and grooming

How to best take care of the British Shorthair? Let’s discover all the secrets and advice on cleanliness and hygiene of this splendid breed.

Also known as the Teddy Bear Cat, the British Shorthair is a dense, compact coat cat that requires daily grooming. Let’s see together how to best take care of it, to keep its appearance bewitching and its health vigorous.

British Shorthair coat care

Regular care of the British Shorthair’s coat is very important.

Although, in fact, it is a short-haired cat, the particular thick and woolly texture of its coat makes it necessary to brush it every day.

What is the best brush to use for specimens of this breed? The most suitable tool is with narrow teeth and short bristles.

In this way, it will be possible to untangle any knots, as well as remove the layer of dead hair and prevent the formation of boluses.

How to brush the British Shorthair correctly? Proceeding in the two opposite directions: first orientating where the coat grows, and then going against the hair. In this way, the cat’s coat will be clean, soft and shiny.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the British short-haired cat

In addition to the care of the coat, it is important to clean other parts of the British Shorthair ‘s body, such as teeth and ears: let’s find out how.

To avoid the accumulation of tartar on the cat’s teeth, it is essential to take care of its oral hygiene daily, using special brushes or creams to spread on the cat’s teeth.

It is a decisive operation to prevent the appearance of oral diseases, such as stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and other infections.

No less important is the cleaning of the cat’s ears. It is advisable to inspect them once a week, removing excess earwax and secretions which, otherwise, could become encrusted causing diseases such as ear infections or mite infestations.

Are you wondering if it is really necessary to wash the cat? In fact, this four-legged is very neat. The answer, therefore, is: it depends. In general, in normal health conditions the cat is very careful about its hygiene.

However, if your British Shorthair has a tendency to sneak into particularly dirty holes or hiding places, or has just recovered from an illness, bathing him may be the only solution needed.

In this case, remember to use a mild cleanser, specially formulated for the cat’s skin and with a neutral smell.

If you want to make the cat’s coat shiny, you can resort to a do-it-yourself remedy, using a solution based on water and vinegar, with which to gently pat the cat’s fur.

Finally, don’t forget that the brightness of the coat also depends on the food given to Fuffy: always choose fresh and top quality ingredients.

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