Brazilian Shorthair Cat care: brushing, bathing, grooming tips

Here are all the tips to put into practice to take better care of the Brazilian Shorthair: from nail cutting to bath time.

Caring for the Brazilian Shorthair is essential to make sure your cat is always calm and healthy. In this article we will examine all the precautions that the cat needs during its daily cleaning session.

Hair care of the Brazilian Shorthair: brushing and bathing

How to best take care of the Brazilian Shorthair’s coat?

Specimens of this breed have short fur and do not tend to shed much hair.

For this reason, it is sufficient to brush them 1-2 times a week , increasing the frequency during the moulting period.

To make the coat of our four-legged friend really soft, thick and shiny, it is necessary to pay extreme attention to his diet, which should be complete and balanced.

When to wash the cat

To take care of the Brazilian Shorthair properly, is it always essential to give them a bath?

In principle no: cats are very scrupulous animals and attentive to their personal hygiene.

It is advisable to carry out this operation in the case of elderly cats, who no longer autonomously provide for their own cleaning, or if their furry dog ​​has recovered from a long illness.

The main precautions when we are about to wash our Brazilian Shorthair concern the temperature of the water, which must be warm and pleasant, and the detergent used, which must be specific for the animal’s skin.

After washing and completely rinsing the four legs, we will have to make sure to dry it completely, to prevent it from catching cold and getting sick.

Cleaning of eyes, ears and teeth

In the care of the Brazilian Shorthair can not miss the cleaning operations reserved for eyes, ears and teeth.

To prevent eye secretions or earwax from accumulating and encrusting, with the risk of causing infections and disorders in the cat, it is essential to regularly clean eyes and ears.

How to do? It will be enough to resort to a gauze slightly soaked in warm water, with which to dab the cat’s skin.

The hygiene of the oral cavity is also decisive for the health of the furry dog. In fact, the accumulation of plaque and bacteria could cause the appearance of diseases such as gingivitis and stomatitis.

To clean your cat’s teeth you can use both special brushes and toothpaste, specifically formulated for cats, and a sanitizing spreadable cream to be distributed every day on the animal’s teeth.

Brazialian Shorthair nail care

Finally, all that remains is to find out how to take care of Brazilian Shorthair nails.

Do the cat’s claws always have to be blunt? In principle no: cats generally tend to sharpen their nails by themselves.

However, if your pet is elderly and leads a particularly sedentary lifestyle, it may be necessary to trim its claws.

In this case, there is a need to press lightly on the animal’s paw, in order to get the nails out completely.

Be careful to cut only the outermost portion of the claw, which is lighter in color since it is not vascularized.

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