Black Cat : appearance, character, care, breeding

Black cat: it has always been associated with bad luck, let’s get to know the character of this feline in reality very peaceful and docile.

The black cat is among the most elegant of our feline friends, yet this breed is often at the centre of legends and superstitions, which tend to always put it in a bad light.

Even today there are many people who fear the worst when they see a cat crossing the road. But why do these legends exist and what are the physical and behavioral characteristics of the black cat? Here’s everything you should know.

History of the black cat

The history of the black cat is intertwined with the numerous superstitions born from the Middle Ages. In fact, it was in this period that the famous rumour was born according to which they brought bad luck.

At the time, when people still moved around with carriages and the streets were completely dark, it often happened that the horses were frightened at the sight of the clear eyes of black cats. From there the superstition spread that they were under the control of the devil.

However, the story did not stop there, because even in 1200  Pope Gregory IX  renamed the black cat as a faithful companion of the witches, giving rise to a ruthless hunt against them.

Tradition also has it that they anticipated the arrival of pirates, as they used to travel on their ships, where they were brought up to hunt mice in the hold. When a ship docked, the black cats came ashore and so the vacationers understood their arrival.

However, there are also good legends: for example in ancient Rome cats were considered lucky charms, so after their death it was customary to burn them and then scatter the ashes to wish each other a good harvest.

Black cat appearance and size

The black cat to be such must have a single color and  uniform hair from the beginning to the end, shades or gradations of color are not allowed, the hair must be black in every corner of the body.
There are numerous breeds, the best known and most sought after is that of the Persian cat, but we also have the Bombay breed and the British breed.

Being a predator, the eyesight is very acute especially at sunrise and sunset, moments of the day when the cat typically goes hunting. But why are cats’ eyes so bright at night? This phenomenon depends on the presence of the tapetum lucidum, which reflects the external artificial light, thus illuminating the retina.

From the point of view of health conditions, it has been found that they are  much more resistant against infections and diseases. According to scholars, this would be explained by their wild nature, which would have strengthened them from the immune point of view.

Black cat character

Contrary to popular belief, the black cat has a good character: it is faithful, polite, well prepared to socialize. However, he feels the call of nature, so as soon as he can, he returns to wander alone on the street, precisely in the name of his wild origins .

According to some, there would be a difference in character between the male and the female: the male would in fact be more calm and sly, unlike the more irascible females and tend to scratch if provoked. However, it is always good not to generalize too much. Let’s now find out their differences in low to the main races.

Black Persian cat

The black Persian cat originally from Persia and has a very robust appearance. The hair is particularly thick and of a shiny black color, about 30 cm high and 40 to 50 cm long, excluding the tail.

The head is large and round in shape, large eyes and small ears. It generally lives up to 15 years and is the ideal cat to live at home , being a lover of cuddles and comfort. However, it needs continuous care and brushing of the coat.

Black British cat

The black British Longhair cat is distinguished by its orange eyes, which range from copper to golden. The hair is black, but very short and wraps around a muscular and toned body. The legs are very large, as is the tail.

This was the first breed to be exhibited at the Crystal Palace in London. Today it is among the most common cats in Europe, thanks to its docile character and the ability not to demand special attention.

Bombay black cat

The black Bombay cat is of American origin and is distinguished by its characteristic yellow eyes.  Compared to the others, he is a not very cunning cat, so he would have a hard time living as a stray. For this reason it adapts very well to the home life, where it causes the least annoyance considering that it meows rarely .

He does not like being surrounded by other dogs, while he manages to socialize with children and dogs . He needs the closeness of his master and does not want to be left alone for too long.

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