Best Accessories for Hamster Cage

Do you have a hamster as a pet at home? Then you will know that certain essential elements for him should not be missing in his cage. Take note of the most important hamster accessories!

The hamster as a pet

Having a hamster as a pet is a great choice. They are funny and playful animals, perfect as children’s first pet.

Of course, like any other pet, it requires certain attentions and elements that it is better to take into account before adopting it.

Knowing well what their diet is, the most necessary care or what the hamster cage should be like is something that you should have investigated before taking one home.

Specifically, when selecting your hamster’s cage, it must meet certain characteristics.

The first thing is that it is the right size so that the animal can feel comfortable, with well differentiated areas for food, rest, play, hygiene and where it can relieve itself.

In addition, it must be located in a place with a stable temperature, be cleaned regularly and contain all the accessories that make the life of your hamster much healthier and more interesting. Let’s see what those elements are!

The most important hamster accessories

Even if you remove your hamster from its cage daily, this will be the place where it spends the most time.

Therefore, what is inside must be destined to cover all your needs. Inside the cage, these are the accessories that your hamster cannot miss.

A trough or Feeder

Essential to feed your pet. There are hamster feeders made of different materials, but ceramic ones are usually advisable due to their weight, which prevents the animal from tipping them over, in addition to facilitating cleaning.

Another good option are the feeders that are fixed to the bars of the cage or its walls, as long as they are at a low level that is accessible to the animal.

Feeding Bottle

Hydration in pets is essential, so one of the essential accessories for hamsters is their waterer.

In this case, the dishes inside the cage are not a good idea: the water will get dirty easily and will spill on the bed.

Ideally, upside down bottle-shaped drinkers with a stainless steel nozzle.

They are much more comfortable for the animal, since the water only comes out in drops when the hamster goes to suck.

Hamster wheel

Have you ever wondered why hamsters run on the wheel?

The truth is that they do it for different reasons. One of them is related to the survival instinct.

Being easy prey in nature, they need to be continuously fleeing. Although your hamster is now a domestic animal, in their DNA they carry that need to run, so a wheel is essential to calm that anxiety.

On top of that, hamsters run on the wheel because they need to exercise . In freedom they run as much as they can, but inside the cage, this task is only possible at the wheel. And of course they do it for fun too!

For all this, your hamster should never miss a wheel!

The shelter

Another essential hamster accessory for peace of mind is a house or shelter.

In it, the rodent can go inside to rest, hide if it feels threatened or scared, or isolate itself from light.

You can get houses of different sizes and shapes; simple or with more accessories, such as stairs or walkways; some to place on the bed and others to hang.

The important thing is that both the house and any other element that you introduce in your hamster’s cage is not made of a toxic material, since these animals tend to gnaw everything. The wooden ones are the best!


Some stairs will help your hamster to exercise along with the use of the wheel.

At the same time, he will have fun going up and down, and the cage space will seem doubled by being able to access another floor.

Sand bath

Hamsters are very hygienic animals. They spend a lot of time each day grooming themselves and they manage to keep themselves very clean.

For this reason, it is not necessary to bathe them with water, but to put at their disposal a plate or bathtub with sand so that, when they wallow in it, they clean themselves.


The tunnels are another of the ideal accessories for your hamster.

In addition, they can be your best ally if you want to train him. By placing a suitable snack for him at the end of the passage, you will easily attract him!


Do you want your hamster to have a great time? Then do not hesitate to gift him a swing!

The best ones are those that have a tunnel shape and prevent the animal from falling with the swing.


Hammocks are perfect for your hamster to rest.

They are very comfortable, they are easily placed on the bars of the cage and it is also very easy to remove them for washing.

Gnaw toys

Already any of the elements mentioned above, such as bridges, stairs, houses, swings or tunnels, should be made of a material that is possible to gnaw.

If you still prefer to give it something more specific for this purpose, you can opt for wicker balls, natural herb balls, mineral wheels with seeds and herbs, etc. There are many toys for it!

As hamsters gain popularity and are chosen as pets by families, the number of products available specifically for them is growing on the market.

A great option to get the best hamster accessories is to look for them in online stores.

With so much quantity, it is sure to be difficult for you to decide. Therefore, the ideal is that you make a comparison between online pet stores to get the best products at the best prices.

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