Bathing a Rabbit: Tips and Warnings

Is it good to bathe a rabbit? This is a question that surely all of us who have a bunny in our life have asked ourselves.

In this post we will warn you about the consequences that bathing a rabbit can have, as well as some alternatives to keep it clean.

Bathing a rabbit is NOT advisable

Rabbits are very clean animals that, like cats, clean themselves. Bathing your rabbit can cause respiratory and ear diseases in your little one, such as:

  • Otitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Skin problems
  • State of shock
  • Mushrooms
  • Tachycardia
  • Heart attacks
  • Death

Also, stress has been shown to be not good for rabbits. A panic attack can lead to a blocked intestinal tract and death. 

Why is it unnecessary to bathe rabbits?

  1. They are covered by two layers that block the entry of moisture into the skin, so that rabbits do not sweat and get little dirty. For this reason they do not need to bathe.
  2. According to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund , wetting their hair makes them vulnerable. In addition, your hair dries slowly, clumps together and can facilitate the development of hypothermia and other diseases.
  3. Bathing is very stressful for rabbits.
  4. As we have already mentioned, like cats clean themselves.

When can rabbits bathe?

Only in the case that your rabbit has a disease, and your veterinarian indicates it, can that part of the body be wet, without the rabbit bathing completely.

How to bathe my rabbit?

As we commented previously, it should only be done in cases in which our veterinarian indicates it to us.

The bath should be a relaxing time for your rabbit and should not represent any stress for the animal.

  • Pick a time when you can have time and patience. Prepare your sink.
  • Never force it, treat it with great affection and speak softly to it. The temperature of the water is neither too cold nor too hot,  warm and pleasant, as if it were for a baby. 
  • You can use a  special pH soap for rabbits .
  • It is very important that you do not take advantage of this time to cut the nails, the hair or to untangle it, leave it for another time, the stress of the bathroom is enough.
  • Always be very careful with eyes, nose, ears and mouth, that neither water nor soap enter it.
  • Have a dry towel ready, grab your bunny, tuck it in, and hold it for a few minutes. You will give them security and help them not to catch a cold. After, let it dry naturally, try not to use a hairdryer, it can be invasive, scare and burn. 

What do I do if my rabbit is dirty or smells bad?

If after brushing it , cleaning its house and the areas where it plays, your rabbit still smells bad, take it to the vet, as the cause may be in some condition that manifests itself in a bad smell.
At times when our rabbit has gotten dirty with mud, pee or anything else … we can use a wet wipe to remove dirt, without having to go to the bathroom.

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