Bath the cat: when it is necessary to do it and how to wash it in the best way

Wash him or just rely on his daily grooming? This is when it is necessary to bathe your cat and what risks you can run for its health.

Wash the animal considered the cleanest in the world? Well yes, sometimes it is necessary to clean him thoroughly and not because he does not do it well on his own with his daily grooming, but sometimes it is necessary to do it with soap and water. The fact that it is useful and sometimes necessary does not mean that we will find the cat willing to be immersed in water or to get wet from the shower. In short, better arm yourself with patience and take all precautions to avoid running unnecessary risks after bathing the cat.

Cats and water: it’s not always ‘love’

It is not an absolute truth, but for sure some cats hate water deeply or are in any case terrified of it and with these premises, the thought of bathing them seems more of a challenge than a moment of tenderness between master and four-legged friend.

In fact, it is not a pleasant moment for everyone, yet it is sometimes necessary. Maybe we can try to familiarize the cat with the water in the house, allowing him to drink the trickle of water that comes out of the tap or make his head wet. In short, better not to force it, because it could have reactions that are nothing short of unpleasant.

For the same cats who were not very familiar with water, it could be a way to discover it and maybe even find it fun. In short, they could experience a new way to their daily cleaning operation with the tongue.

Bath the cat: is it bad?

Let’s start by debunking some negative ‘myths’ about bathing the cat: it would be worse to leave the cat dirty, after it may have rolled in the mud, got dirty or came into contact with dirty objects.

This does not mean that there are no risks that we absolutely must avoid once the washing operation is finished, but it certainly does not create any problems for his coat, his smell or his skin. Indeed, after washing and drying it, it will be a pleasure to caress it and maybe have it under the sheets with you for the night.

When it is necessary to do it

The simplest answer is: when it’s dirty. Certainly the cat will take care of itself, with its rough tongue, to pull out excess hair and clean its coat of dirt, but sometimes, no matter how hard it takes, all this is not enough.

The cat’s tongue that passes and passes over its fur is actually also its favorite way to relax and indulge in a small ‘treat’ after eating or after frequent daily naps.

There are also some situations in which the cat is unable to do the usual cleaning, for example when it is not well, it is immobilized, after having undergone an operation. And it is not advisable to let him lick his hair when he has been given an anti-parasite treatment or in the case of particularly ‘resistant’ (and smelly) dirt.

Cat bath: how to do it and what it is used for

Are we aware that it will not be easy, although it is necessary? Well, all that remains is to arm ourselves with patience and some very useful tools, such as:

  • specific detergents for cats,
  • a dry cloth,
  • hairdryer,
  • hair comb,
  • (and possibly) its pet carrier.

Once you have obtained the necessary, it is better to fill a basin with lukewarm water and to a level acceptable for the height of the cat. We bring a little water on the cat slowly and without wetting its eyes, ears and other areas that could annoy them(and irritate him). We make sure that the whole body is treated with the cleanser.

If the operation seems impossible, in extreme cases we can use wet wipes or a dry shampoo as an alternative. Once the bath is finished, we move on to drying, first with a dry towel and then with a hairdryer to make sure that the hair does not stay wet.

If the noise of the appliance bothers your cat, it is better to put it in its carrier and dry it while it is inside: this way it could feel more comfortable and allow you to dry them better.

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