Asian Shorthair Cat care: brushing, bathing, grooming tips

Everything you need to know about Asian Shorthair care: from hair cleaning to dental hygiene, through nail cutting.

The care of your Asian Shorthair is not dictated by mere aesthetic issues: there are fundamental operations to be carried out to ensure the well-being of the furry. Let’s find out what they are and how to best proceed.

Hair care of the Asian Shorthair

How to take care of the Asian Shorthair’s coat?

In addition to having a short coat length, this cat tends to shed little hair.

For this, it is sufficient to brush it 1-2 times a week with a soft and long bristled brush.

To ensure that its fur is shiny and silky, we can dab the cat’s fur with a solution based on water and vinegar.

The real secret to making a feline’s coat truly shiny, however, lies in its diet.

Do you want to find out which foods can not miss in the ideal diet of the Asian Shorthair ? Check out this article.

Bathing the cat yes or no?

To take care of the Asian Shorthair is it really essential to bathe it?

The answer is not unique, but it depends. Generally, in fact, domestic cats are extremely clean animals, which take care of their own oral hygiene.

In some cases, however, such as after a long illness, it may be necessary to wash the cat. How to do?

By choosing products specially formulated for his skin, making sure that the water temperature is lukewarm and making sure that this operation is short and as less stressful as possible for the furry dog.

Once the bath is finished, of course, it is essential to dry the cat completely, to prevent it from catching cold and getting sick . Attention: it is good to use the hair dryer only if the cat is not afraid of it.

Otherwise, we will have to use a towel and gently rub its fur until it is completely dry.

Cleaning of teeth, eyes and ears

After having discovered everything there is to know about the care of the Asian Shorthair’s coat, let’s take care of the hygiene of the oral cavity, eyes and ears.

Cleaning your cat’s teeth is essential to prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating in the pet’s mouth and causing annoying pathologies, such as gingivitis and stomatitis.

How to do? There are two options available to us. The first, the use of which is more complicated as it is not always pleasing to cats, consists in the use of toothpaste and toothbrush specifically made for cats.

The second, on the other hand, allows you to sanitize the feline’s teeth with a special spreadable cream, with a meat flavour.

How to take care of the eyes and ears of the Asian Shorthair? The advice is to inspect them periodically, to identify and remove any secretion encrustations.

The risk, in fact, is the onset of infections and skin disorders. To remove them, just use a gauze slightly soaked in warm water, with which to dab the skin of the cat.

Asian Shorthair nail care

Cat’s claws are known to be long and sharp. Do you always need to tick them?

The answer is no: domestic cats sharpen them themselves on surfaces such as scratching posts, trunks and -ahinoi – sofas and armchairs.

For this reason, the operation of nail cutting is recommended only in the case of cats who do not perform this important operation.

These can be elderly, sedentary or sick cats, whose excessively long nails could cause unpleasant problems, such as accidental injuries or difficulty in moving.

What to do, in this case, to take better care of the claws of the Asian Shorthair ? After having equipped yourself with nail clippers, you will need to gently press on the cat’s paw to get the claws out completely.

After that, we will have to tick only the outermost portion, which is white and not vascularized.

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