Ashera Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

The Ashera is considered the king of cats for size, characteristics and, last but not least, price …

The Ashera cat is a genetically modified feline that can also be created with hypoallergenic fur.

But who is Ashera cat and what are their peculiarities? Let’s get to know them together and find out everything there is to know about this fearsome ‘big cat’.

Ashera cat (or jaguar cat) is the name of a hybrid feline breed, the result of careful laboratory work. In fact, it was produced by the Californian Lifestyle Pets as a hypoallergenic pet by crossing a domestic cat and some wild felines, including the Bengal cat.

Its fame precedes it, as this cat is advertised worldwide as the ‘rarest feline in the world’. In reality, being a genetically modified hybrid, it is by no means endangered but the adjective ‘rare’ is functional to justify its exorbitant cost.

The price of an Ashera, in fact, is around 20192.01 USD. Expensive, exclusive, luxurious: these are the adjectives that best suit this feline breed and it is not difficult to imagine for which target clientele it was designed. Perhaps you have seen them show off on a leash by some celebrity, or perhaps you have recognized them for his imposing size.

The fact is that Ashera is truly one of the most peculiar (and controversial) animals imaginable.

Ashera cat: the story

The invention – if we can say so – of the Ashera cat is due to the British Simon Brodie, founder of the North American company Lifestyle Pets. After starting his own company and quitting a career as a computer scientist, in 2003 Brodie began designing ‘made-to-order’ animals for an exclusive and wealthy audience. From there began what in a few years became a more than profitable business.

The animals created in the Lifestyle Pets laboratories have characteristics selected to satisfy the tastes and needs of the final buyers, and this is what has always raised a lot of controversy and controversies of an ethical nature and beyond. The effects that such experiments may have on the health of animals and humans, in fact, is not yet clear.

Ashera cat: character 

Despite its imposing size, the Ashera cat is a big cat that needs the same attention as a normal cat. It must play, be pampered and feel the center of attention. Their character is only apparently formidable.

Behind its somewhat disturbing appearance hides a docile and basically sedentary pet puppy. They loves to stay indoors and laze around and for this reason he must be pushed to physical activity and play. The risk, in fact, is that you become too lazy and indolent.

Ashera cat: appearance and size

First of all, it must be remembered that the Ashera are sterile animals so they cannot be reproduced by mating. The only reproductive technique allowed, therefore, remains hybridization. It is a cat that can measure more than one meter in length by 15 kilograms of weight.

Although domestic, its appearance is distinctly feline with wild features, leopard fur and pointed ears. Features that, however, betray its nature by virtue of which it behaves in all respects like a common domestic cat.

Its physical appearance is reminiscent of another hybrid wild cat, the Savannah, with which it shares elegant features, proportionate and well-built limbs, a slender and light body. The head is triangular in shape, large  eyes and ears wide at the base and round at the tip. The coat is characterized by a short  and dense hair that can be colored with various designs and streaks. The most sought after, of course, is the spotted variant  similar to the leopard.

Ashera cat: care and education

A cat of this hybrid feline breed can live up to 25 years on average. Its weak point is the cold, which suffers tremendously. In fact, in the winter, make sure you have a warm blanket to sleep in. Apart from this, the Ashera does not require special care or a diet different from that of other cats, if not in quantity. Best quality dry foods and a large litter box. Many breeders recommend using claw guards to prevent them from accidentally injuring someone or destroying furniture. They loves children and likes to play with them, with due care.

Ashera cat: price

About 100 Ashera specimens are born every year, which determines long waiting lists (about 9 months) and really exorbitant prices. The cost, in fact, is between 14253.18 and 20192.01 USD for what is considered the most exclusive domestic cat breed on the planet.

The price varies according to the variety purchased, but for an Ashera Standard the cost is 20192.01 USD. More expensive than the Standard is the hypoallergenic Ashera (21379.77 USD), not to mention the Snow Ashera whose price reaches 53449.42 USD, but the most expensive Ashera in circulation is the very rare Royal Ashera  which, hold on tight, can be bought for modest figure of 114025.44 USD.

Not negligible detail: in Italy the possession of an Ashera cat is not allowed. The decree of 19/04/1996 of the Ministry of the Environment, in fact, prohibits its detention for private individuals.

The reason lies in the feline nature of the breeds from which the Ashera cat derives, considered very dangerous.

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