Arthritis in cats: how to cure it with natural remedies

How is arthritis in cats treated? Here are all the natural remedies to be adopted at home to solve one of the most frequent problems among felines.

As in humans, feline arthritis is also a very common problem. The fundamental difference is that and we can notice our joint difficulties, it will always be our task to observe the changes in the body of our beloved cat. Almost three out of ten felines suffer from it, and luckily the research has given particularly encouraging results and many of those who have adopted natural remedies have reported excellent results on the health of their cat. Here are the most suitable solutions from acupuncture to supplements to natural substances such as cannabis.

Arthritis in cats: symptoms

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease of the bones, and in particular of the joints of the feline. When a cat suffers from it we will notice that he has a certain difficulty in moving, running and even in making the simplest movements. Bones are subject to wear and tear, even in our feline friends: in fact, the joints and joints can weaken and deteriorate. Arthritis above all causes a painful state of stiffness in the cat: this often results in a total change in the feline’s lifestyle.

The bones of the feline are coated with cartilage and joint fluid: it is thanks to this ‘slippery’ mechanism that the bones bend and move into each other like in a perfect clock. Usually arthritis in cats occurs when this layer of cartilage wears down or is damaged, inhibiting the proper sliding of the bones and a very painful rubbing for the cat.

A cat suffering from this bone disease has the following symptoms: it makes stiff movements and complains of pain every time, limps, limits physical activity to a minimum, tends to sleep and rest more than usual, puts itself in apparently uncomfortable positions to find relief, don’t want to be touched. So it is up to us to carefully observe our cat, especially if it is a newborn, and to take the puppy to visit the vet and follow all the instructions to help him.

Arthritis in cats: do-it-yourself remedies

In the battle against feline arthritis, our best ally will be, as always, our vet. It is to him that we must rely for a sure diagnosis and his advice on how to deal with the problem. In the case of situations that are not yet serious or too compromised, it is good to adopt small natural remedies. At least in this way the cat could go back to making small movements, or at least it will not make its situation worse. Let’s see what are the tricks to adopt at home: let’s experiment them all until we find the one that’s right for our beloved cat!

A cat-proof home

A cat with arthritis will have difficulty moving and reaching spaces: so how can we facilitate these movements? On the market there are specific equipment, such as walkways or ramps that will allow him to easily reach his favorite places. Naturally, all its areas, first of all the litter, must be placed in low and accessible places.


Nutritionally, a cat will find solace in taking glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, S-adenosyl methionine and Omega 3 fatty acids. According to the opinion of an expert, these substances help to extinguish inflammation and reduce the pain felt by the cat when moving.

Reduce risk of obesity

The question of the weight of the cat is certainly linked to the discussion of joint pain: an excessively plump cat weighs on its already weakened joints. How can we make our cat’s diet with arthritis healthier and more balanced? First of all with products of excellent quality and with fresh and selected foods if we prefer a homemade diet. Better to prefer a meat-based diet and to avoid foods too rich in carbohydrates. Alongside a healthier diet there must also be a lot of physical exercise: therefore, laziness is banned!

Remedies for arthritis in cats: the role of the veterinarian

Apart from what we can do at home, let’s see how experts have thought over the years to solve this problem that afflicts more and more cats. The disheartened owners hope the vet will give them the ‘miracle’ solution. When home remedies cannot solve an already too important problem on their own, it is time to resort to acupuncture and other herbal solutions.

Arthritis in cats, natural remedies: acupuncture

Acupuncture is the ideal solution for those who refuse drug therapies. What are the collateral damage of drugs on our cat? Usually prescribed painkillers affect kidney and liver malfunction, cause bowel problems and even blood clotting. Acupuncture, on the other hand, consists in inserting very fine needles in some specific points of the feline’s body, to stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and calming or stimulating hormones.


Reiki practice is a natural healing method, like chiropractic on the cat, carrier of the Universal Life Energy. The use of this therapy is able to relieve pain and make the cat’s joints less rigid, restoring the cat’s energy and psycho-physical balance. Of course it will have to be done by experts who, after several sessions, will be able to relieve the pain of our beloved cat. If, on the other hand, we want to try our hand at the practice alone, it will be good to take lessons from the expert to avoid worsening the already critical situation.

Homeopathic remedies and aromatic herbs

There are those who rely on natural products to relieve the most painful symptoms of arthritis, although many do not believe in their saving power. Rhus Toxicodendron is usually prescribed  for cats that have difficulty getting up, as is Ruta GraveolensArnica Montana, on the other hand, serves to cushion the pain and calm the cat who does not want contact with humans. A homeopathic or holistic veterinarian will be able to recommend the use of turmeric and other natural products with great anti-inflammatory properties. Let the expert advise us on which herbs are best suited to solve the problem, based on their properties and the conditions of the cat.

Targeted pulsed technology

Some prefer more ‘invasive’ remedies, i.e. real pulses with a low level of electromagnetic energy. They serve to stimulate joint healing while also creating some pain relief.


Not only in the world of traditional medicine, but also in the animal world, the effects of cannabis for veterinary use, or medical marijuana, on the psycho-physical well-being of the animal have become more convincing. In addition to having anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, the use of cannabis acts on the points where the pain is.

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