Arginine for Cats: what it is and why it is essential for your cat

We often hear about arginine in cats; what is it? And why is it so vital to his well-being? Let’s find out together!

At the basis of the good health of our pet there is always a healthy and balanced diet, respectful of its nutritional needs. But it is not always easy to find the right diet, especially if you do not have specific skills on the subject. For example, arginine is little known in cats: what is it? And why is it so essential to your well-being?

What is arginine

Arginine is a fundamental element in a cat’s diet. It is an essential amino acid, which allows the feline’s body to synthesize protein, from which to draw the necessary energy. The deficiency of this element can lead to serious health problems.

Where is it

Arginine is present in a large quantity of foods: white and red meats, fish, and various cereals, such as rice, oats, corn; the amino acid is also present in dried fruit. Therefore, at first glance, the substance would seem to be easily integrated into the cat’s diet. But in reality this is not the case.

The feline is in fact able to extract it sufficiently only from certain foods. Meat, in a cat’s diet, must never be missing; indeed, one must occupy a prominent, almost exclusive place. Arginine is found, in particular, in beef, chicken, turkey and rabbit.

This does not mean that the feline should eat only and exclusively meat; there is also residual space for other foods, such as fish, eggs and cereals. Besides that, there are various fruits and vegetables that the cat can eat; but he just can’t give up meat.

When the cat does not absorb enough arginine

When the cat does not absorb sufficient arginine there are two hypotheses: either you are feeding the little feline a diet that does not respect its nutritional needs, or the cat is suffering from a disease that does not allow it to properly absorb the essential amino acid.

Arginine deficiency can give rise to multiple symptoms:

  • He retched
  • Muscle spasms
  • Excessive salivation
  • Ataxia

How to intervene

If we suspect an arginine deficiency in cats, it is necessary to contact your trusted veterinarian to avoid worsening symptoms. The need for arginine, if not met in a short time, can lead the cat even to death.

If the deficiency has arisen due to an inadequate diet, the professional will proceed to modify the foods that compose it. For a certain period of time, it may also be necessary to use food supplements for the cat.

The disorder could also be due to a disease that does not allow the animal to take sufficient arginine. Therapeutic treatment aimed at curing the disease could be assisted by the action of food supplements, which the cat may have to take for life.

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