Are Persian cats Friendly with Children

The Persian cat is a generally friendly cat. He will therefore accept the children of the house and those of visitors.

The Persian cat is affectionate but individualistic. Children are a potential danger to all cats and it is prudent to take this into account. A cat is a  fragile being  ; small frame, short stature, slender legs. It doesn’t hold up very well to severe weather.

His forces do not allow him to accompany his companions ever in all their activities. The cat is not an animal for  great hikes  : the Persian cat, in particular, has shortness of breath.

Children have completely different dynamics. They have an inexhaustible source of energy, they are constantly doing something, and they have new ideas all the time. Childhood is the time of games. Everything is an excuse to play. They only stop when they are exhausted.

There are obviously different stages in childhood: there are the  toddlers , the  little ones  and the  older ones , who are more reasonable. Toddlers and toddlers perceive the Persian cat as a  furry ball , a kind of  moving teddy bear . It will be hard for them to imagine the  sharp claws or teeth . They may want to tug on the long hairs to see if they are holding on well.

So many experiences which are perhaps enriching for the child but which will trigger scratches from the Persian cat. It is therefore prudent to keep the Persian cat away from the little ones.


He doesn’t mean them any harm, but he can’t stand their clumsy gestures. A claw paw across a small  baby’s face  can be dangerous: the surprised child does not know how to protect his eyes, for example.

The animal would not be at fault since it only wanted to protect itself. On the other hand, a child of  4 or 5 years old  has already understood what are the limits that he must not exceed with a cat.

He is impressed by his spitting and his  wide-open mouth . It only takes one scratch on a hand for him to understand that he must take precautions.


A child of this age can learn to play with a Persian cat, but only if you teach him to interpret the  cat’s fatigue messages . They  will play together  (with a cork attached to the end of a string, for example) and everyone will have a lot of fun.

The Persian cat does not play much but  it plays well . The child must learn that he has in front of him an animal that is not at his service. He will not obey her and will rebel easily. If your Persian cat is still a kitten, remember that you will have to make sure that the children do not exhaust it.

If your children are older, they can be excellent and affectionate companions for the Persian cat. In exchange, the Persian cat will give them real lessons in civility.

They will learn to control their  gestures  and to soften.

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