Are cats better off indoors or outdoors

Cat at home or away from home: we hear the opinion of the expert to understand whether to let the cat out or not.

Cat at home or away from home? pros and cons

The cat is a very independent and curious animal by nature: a great lover of discovery and adventures, our feline friend would always like to have open spaces to explore. Sometimes, however, owners can be frightened by the idea of ​​letting the cat out freely and tend to prefer the idea of ​​having their cat indoors.

But are cats better off indoors or out? The question is legitimate, and many owners of feline four-legged friends ask it. So let’s try to better understand if going out freely is dangerous for the cat or not, and let’s answer the question in question: cat at home or outside the home?

Cat at home or away from home? Positive and negative aspects of letting him out

When our cat is free to leave the home environment it is used to, it can be a truly stimulating experience: between bushes and trees to climb, insects and small animals to hunt and the warm rays of the sun under which to laze, our cat he really has a lot to have fun with!

In addition, a cat who is let free to go out once a day can do his or her needs not only in the litter box, but also in the outdoors. This aspect is not as essential as it can be for a dog, but it is still important to keep our cat friend active, energetic and curious.

Regarding, however, the negative aspects of a cat outside the home we must certainly remember the possibility of accidents and bad encounters, which can lead to quarrels with other cats or, worse, poisoning due to the notorious tidbits made around by those who do not love . the animals.

Furthermore, encounters with stray cats can cause contagion with infectious diseases, including some serious ones such as feline AIDS, distemper, fleas and ticks, fungal infections or intestinal worms.

However, if after evaluating the pros and cons you choose to leave the cat free to leave the house, there are some important rules to follow:

  • Respect the schedule of vaccinations and regular checks by the veterinarian;
  • Spaying your cat, especially if it is a female, to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This is especially true if you know you can’t take care of the little ones.
  • Make your cat recognizable with an identification tag that shows name, address, telephone number to easily track you if he gets lost.
  • For the same reason, microchip your cat so that it is always identifiable.
  • Finally, if you have clipped your cat’s nails (wrong practice and harmful to its health), do not let it out because it is unable to defend itself from unpleasant encounters with other animals.

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