Anxiety and aggression in cats depends on the owner

How much does a person’s character or mood affect their pet.

The cat’s character reflects that of the owner

After a short time, two studies were conducted and published, one on cats and the other on dogs, which show how the character of the animal reflects that of the owner.

Not only do our 4-legged companions experience feelings like humans or perceive our moods, they even change their character by being by our side,

That is, it has been proven that the dog assimilates the character of the owner over time. If the owner is calm, the dog will tend to be calm, vice versa if the owner is active, the dog will be quite lively.

The character of the owner affects the health of the cat

The same phenomenon was recorded on cats. That is, where the owner proves to have a bad temper, or is nervous and irritable, the cat will be more aggressive and anxious.

The owners of the animals were asked to answer a questionnaire in order to allow the researchers to understand their personality. Later they were also asked to describe their cat’s character.

The results found that the most nervous people report being overweight, with health problems and with anxious and aggressive behaviors. Elements that were not found in the sociable and helpful personalities who had healthy, more sociable and not at all aggressive specimens at their side.

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