Anemia in cats: natural remedies for iron deficiency

To treat anemia in cats it is useful to know the natural remedies and foods richest in iron that cat can eat, in order to solve the deficiency that afflicts it.

If the cat suffers from an iron deficiency we can speak of a feline anemia problem: a real blood disease that can depend on various factors and can be revealed by appropriate blood tests to which the cat is subjected.

cat suffering from anemia will have a lower number of red blood cells than necessary: ​​this condition makes it difficult to transport oxygen inside the body, made possible precisely by the hemoglobin contained in the red blood cells.

However, there are natural remedies and specific foods that are rich in iron and can help treat and solve the problems of anemia in cats: let’s find out together in this article.

Anemia in cats: symptoms, natural remedies and nutrition

The cat can suffer from anemia due to various factors: there are cats who get sick from parasites, drug intoxication, bleeding or chemotherapy or cats who suffer from diseases related to the lack of red blood cells in the blood, such as feline leukemia, cat renal failure and some inflammatory diseases.

The diagnosis of anemia in cats is only possible from the results of blood tests, but there are some signs that should not be underestimated that could indicate a lack of iron in the cat’s blood. Here is a list of possible symptoms of feline anemia:

– pale mucous membranes,
– fatigue and lethargy,
– tachycardia,
– lack of appetite in the cat ,
– fatigue after meals,
– the cat licks walls and other surfaces,
– the cat struggles to breathe and often does so with his mouth open.

Treating cat anemia with natural remedies

If the cat suffers from anemia, it is likely that the vet will prescribe an iron-based treatment: in addition to drug therapy, it is also possible to set up a treatment based on natural remedies and iron-rich foods that can support the treatment prescribed by the veterinarian.

Among the foods richest in iron and therefore suitable for averting the risk or improving the situation when it comes to feline anemia, we remember:

– lean meat of chicken, turkey, beef and pork: compared to the latter, be careful to eliminate the excess fat that can cause pancreatitis in cats;
– oily fish, rich in iron and B vitamins and at the same time low in mercury, such as sardines, anchovies and salmon;
– occasionally you can also give the cat well-cooked eggs, which are a healthy source of iron and often of which the cat is very greedy;
– to ensure that the cat assimilates iron correctly, it is important to add fruit and vegetables suitable for feline consumption to its diet: for example, we can give the cat broccoli or green beans, rich in vitamin C.

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