American Shorthair Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

What you need to know about this affectionate, sturdy, agile and intelligent cat

This cat has slightly oblique and very large eyes and a basically silver hair with a very clear and evident branding. 
But all types of tabby are allowed

The American Shorthair is the most popular feline breed in the United States and is thought to derive from the British Shorthair, in turn a descendant of the European. We are talking about an affectionate cat, particularly intelligent and agile, which we will discover better in this guide.

American Shorthair: its history

The American Shorthair cat is, as the word itself impliesa short-haired feline. It is presumed to have arrived in North America with the famous ship Mayflower from England and which spread over the territory throughout the 19th century, due to its ability to protect home and food from rodents.

The breed was recognized in 1904. In 1971 it won the title of ‘ America’s Best Shorthaired Cat of the Year ‘.

American Shorthair cat appearance

In addition to its short coat, the American Shorthair cat shares other characteristics with its ‘father’ such as its size: medium-large. In fact, it has the size of a robust but well-proportioned feline (the male can weigh up to 7 kg, the female 5 kg). The face is triangular but the edges are rounded, like those of the ears.

The eyes are slightly slanted but large, like those of the European cat. Same goes for the tail: of medium length and wider at the base, and the short nose is paired with the paws, well spaced.

The colors of the coat are varied, thick, to withstand cold and humidity, but never woolly.

The most common color is silver tabby, or brindle with a silver white background and very well contrasted black designs. On the forehead it often has an ‘M’, a characteristic that unites it to the European.

American Shorthair cat character

The American Shorthair cat is very affectionate and intelligent. He is also a skilled jumper and hunter, but he does not disdain apartment life, to which he very gladly returns with some ‘little gifts’.

He gets along without problems even with children , but he loves his independence, therefore the open spaces such as terraces, roofs and gardens, which allow him to go away alone for a few hours.

American Shorthair cat breeding and care

Being very robust, this cat does not require special care. More than anything else, you have to pay attention to the injuries he could get during his hunting trips.

It has an average life of 15 years and, if it has the possibility to move, it does not assume the tendency to gain weight, typical instead of the British. Although it can eat anything, the American Shorthair cat prefers meat, but it is good that rice and vegetables are also present in its diet.

If you opt for the dry, always remember to prefer quality products from reliable brands in the sector.

The coat should be brushed once a week. During the moult, it will be necessary to increase the brush strokes to 2-3 times.

American Shorthair cat prices

An American Shorthair cat can cost between 591.87 and 1834.81 USD, in the latter case they are show specimens. Much rarer, but not impossible, to find puppies as gifts or for sale for less (even 71.02 euros) online.

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