American Curl Cat care: breed hygiene and grooming

American Curl Care: From Grooming, To Hygiene. All the beauty tips for this exceptional cat’s coat.

The American Curl is a sturdy cat and this ensures good health.

In fact, this breed hardly suffers from diseases, obviously it is not immune from pathologies but is rarely affected.

While as regards the care of the coat and the hygiene of this cat breed, they are two fundamental aspects for the health of the feline.

Let’s see what the advice of the experts to take care of the American Curl regarding its hygiene and its coat.

Hair care of the American Curl

Not everyone knows that there are two varieties of American Curl: longhair and shorthair ( longhair and shorthair ). Both, however, must be treated with attention and constancy.

As we mentioned previously, there are two varieties of American Curl and both have a not very developed undercoat, too frequent brushing is not necessary and taking care of them is very simple.

What should be emphasized first is that the cat’s diet is the basis of a healthy and shiny coat.

Administering fresh and genuine products ensures the animal is in good health and has a wonderful coat. After that we can discuss the specific care and grooming.

American Curl can be found in the following colors: black, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, red, white.

While the motifs of the coat recognized by the official standards are: solid, solid, tabby – brindle, colour point, two-tone, tricolour, mink – sepia.

In the American Curl Longhair the coat is long or medium length and silky, close fitting to the body and thin, thicker in the tail.

In the Shorthair version, however, it is always close to the body but shorter and more elastic, never excessively thick.

Furthermore, given that the American Shorthair derives from numerous crosses with cats of all types and breeds, it can be practically of all colors.

The frequency with which to brush this breed therefore depends on the length, generally twice enough for the long-haired version and once for the short-haired version.

Brushing is used to avoid the shedding of hair throughout the house, it is useful to avoid the formation of knots and finally serves to avoid the formation of cat hairballs with which the animal could generate problems of occlusion to itself.

During the moulting period it is recommended to brush the cat every day, to remove the dead coat. For each type of cat hair there is the appropriate brush, in the case of the American Curl you need the following accessories:

  • A wide-toothed comb: Plastic handle and chromed metal teeth, very delicate on the cat’s skin, thanks to the rounded teeth;
  • A slanatore: It will allow to achieve the best results, no more annoying tangled furs, 5 minutes are enough to remove large quantities of residual hair.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the American Curl

Taking care of the American Curl ‘s coat is not enough, adequate hygiene is also necessary to have a healthy and beautiful cat. Let’s find out what we can do for this cat.

From an early age it is important to teach the American Curl that there is a routine for their hygiene which consists mainly of brushing their teeth, cutting their nails and cleaning their ears.

As for the cat’s teeth, it is necessary to brush every two or three weeks, with a special brush available in specialized stores.

The ears must be cleaned gently to remove the ear wax that builds up due to their shape.

Cleaning can be done with cotton swabs, gauze or a simple napkin, being careful not to damage them.

Generally, when we talk about cats, we are talking about pets that are extremely attentive to their daily hygiene, they have a real obsession for cleaning.

For this reason, even with regard to the cat’s bath it is not necessary more than one a month, unless it gets heavily dirty. We also remind the less informed that it is appropriate to use specific products for cleaning the cat.

If desired, you can also use do-it-yourself shampoo. You can find some advice in this article but never use shampoo for human use.

Finally, there is the cutting of the cat’s nails, it must be done with extreme care and delicacy, using specific scissors and moving delicately.

Since this is an operation that the cat does not like, experts recommend that you contact the groomers or the veterinarian during one of the routine visits.

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