American Curl Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

American curl cat: it is characterized by the particular ears folded back.

Easy to recognize by its special folded back ears, the American curl is a cat native to the United States, as the name suggests. Let’s discover its characteristics and temperament together.

The American curl cat is a cat that is easy to recognize due to its particular ears folded back. Despite this special conformation, there are no problems from a functional point of view.

Native to the United States, the American curl is a sturdy cat that usually enjoys good health. It requires special attention and care especially from the point of view of interaction and pampering. Therefore, it is not a solitary cat or one to be left alone at home for most of the day.

American curl cat: origin

This cat breed was born quite randomly by observing the special folded ears of a stray cat in California in 1981. This kitten, called Shulasmith, has thus become the progenitor of this breed. In fact, the genetic characteristic of the curled ears was then also passed on to two of his puppies.

Since then, the species called American curl has been brought forward through a specific breeding.

This is one of the few cat breeds that has the distinction of being considered pedigreed even though it has to mate its specimens with common cats. For this reason it was difficult to standardize it and for the same reason these specimens have a limited number of common characteristics.

American curl cat: characteristics

There are both long-haired and short-haired varieties of this gorgeous feline specimen. Originally, however, the particular hedgehog on the ears developed on long-haired cats. Males of this breed can weigh up to 8 kg.

For females, on the other hand, the weight usually hovers around 5 kg at most. The coat does not have its own typical color and pattern. To the touch, however, it is very silky and has no undercoat. The appearance of the distinctive ear curl occurs towards the fourth month of life of these animals.


The robust body of these cats requires adequate nutrition. The diet can be based on special packaged foods, both dry and wet. Alternatively, you may prefer fresh food, mainly based on fish and meat.

The peculiarity of the ears also requires special attention. The ears must in fact be cleaned using a cotton swab soaked in special products to be inserted into the auricles at least once a month.

From an early age this feline specimen can be accustomed to the bathroom so it will tend to undergo with docility even in old age. This cat’s coat shouldn’t be brushed too often. Cleaning and keeping it tidy twice a week is more than enough for this specimen.

The character

The temperament of the American curl is usually very docile and sociable with all people, even with strangers. It tends to be very fond of humans and eager for pampering and attention. The relationship with the other felines, on the other hand, is affected by some differences according to the specimens.

If it is calm with their fellowmen, it tends to be short-tempered with cats without folded ears. It therefore seems that the American curl recognizes the other cats of the same breed and not the others. At home it tends to adapt easily as long as it is given the opportunity to take long walks.

In fact, it shows a certain predilection for the great outdoors. He can be very lively and trouble-free regardless of his age and is also sociable with children. They are animals that suffer from loneliness so they are recommended for people who are able to dedicate a lot of time to them. Very intelligent, they love to play and are able to bring back objects, a bit like dogs do.

The puppies

These cats from an early age are very eager for attention and cuddles. Therefore, puppies should not be left alone for a long time during the day. They are not solitary specimens, but they require to be at the center of the family and to interact with the human specimens.

Their curious and lively character can lead them to make small troubles in the house so be prepared for this.

The price

An American curl can have a price of 712.66 USD. It is a particularly original and not so widespread feline breed.

Before proceeding with such an important decision, however, it is good to look around a bit on the numerous copies that can be adopted at no cost. In any case, when you decide to bring a furry companion into your life, it is always essential to have considered the choice.

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