Aegean Cat care: brushing, bathing, grooming tips

Here’s what to know about Aegean cat care: from brushing your cat’s coat to cleaning your teeth and ears.

Taking care of your four-legged friend is essential to avoid the onset of diseases such as skin and eye infections and irritation. Let’s find out together everything there is to know about the care of the Aegean cat, to ensure that this cat is always serene and healthy.

Aegean cat coat care

Specimens of this breed tend to shed copious amounts of hair.

For this, it is essential to brush them daily, using a brush with long and soft bristles.

It would be advisable to proceed both in the direction in which the coat grows, and against the grain.

In this way, we will not only be able to avoid the formation of knots and hairballs, but also to promptly identify any parasitic infestations.

To make the cat’s fur really soft, silky and shiny, we can use a little homemade trick. Which? Spray a solution based on water and vinegar on its coat.

Naturally, the first precaution for a healthy and shiny coat concerns the feline’s diet.

Bathing the cat yes or no?

Does taking care of the Aegean cat necessarily mean bathing it?

Basically not: domestic felines independently take care of their personal hygiene.

It may happen, however, that a cat needs to be washed after a long period of illness, or after having explored particularly dirty crevices.

How to proceed in this case? First, by choosing lotions specially designed for the cat’s skin, so that they do not alter its pH and cause inflammation.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the water: to avoid burns or that the cat gets cold, it is good to make sure that the water is warm and pleasant .

Finally, drying must be complete to avoid exposing the cat to health problems.

To dry the four legs you can use a towel, gently rubbing its coat, or the hair dryer, in case the cat is not frightened.

Cleaning of ears, eyes and teeth

Among the basic care operations to which the Aegean cat undergoes, there are those concerning the cleaning of ears, eyes and teeth.

Specimens of this breed tend to produce excess earwax.

For this, it is essential to periodically inspect their ears and remove any secretions and encrustations that could cause the onset of infections and skin disorders .

How to proceed? The methods for cleaning the feline’s ears and eyes are identical: just use a gauze slightly soaked in warm water, with which to dab the cat’s skin and mucous membranes.

Even the care of the oral hygiene of the furry is essential to prevent the onset of diseases such as gingivitis and stomatitis.

In this case, there are two possible options available to you. The first is to use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cats, with which to brush the cat’s teeth.

Not all domestic cats, however, like this operation.

An easier solution is to spread a sanitizing cream, flavored with meat flavor on the animal’s teeth to make the cat feel calmer during the cleaning.

Nail cutting

Finally, we just have to answer one last question about Aegean cat care: do you have to cut your nails?

The answer is not unique, and depends on a number of factors. In the case of young and active cats, who sharpen their claws themselves, this operation is not necessary.

However, if your four-legged friend is elderly and leads a sedentary lifestyle, it may be necessary to trim his nails.

How to do? After having equipped yourself with a special nail clipper, you need to make a slight pressure on the cat’s paw, so that the claw comes out completely.

After that, it is essential to take care to remove only the outermost and non-vascularized portion of the nail, which appears white, to avoid injuring the Aegean cat in this delicate operation.

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