Active Games to Play with your Dog

There is nothing more fun and exciting than running and playing outdoors with your four- legged friend . A perfect way to spend time together, strengthening the bond between man and animal, putting the stress of everyday life behind you  .

To help you spend whole afternoons together, in a healthy and full of laughter way, we have prepared for you a series of dog toys that your pet will love very much.

5 really fun dog games

The classic game of throwing an object at your friend, waiting for him to bring it back, is fun. But its simplicity can also become boring. For this reason, these 5 game ideas to play with your dog will help you break the  routine .

Are you ready to  have great fun  with your Fido ? Some games will seem simpler than others, however feel free to make changes according to your preferences:

1. Flirt Pole

This is a game that consists of tying an object to a stick , with a rope. Your dog will find it super fun. In fact, dogs (like small children) love games where they have to try to catch something that moves.

The advantages of this game are:

  • There is no physical contact . Even if the animal is fully aroused, it will not be able to harm either you or itself.
  • It is an original game , but easy to play and learn, you can create many different versions, without spending too much money.
  • A good workout for the muscles . As you chase and jump over the object, your pet will improve reflexes and develop musculature .
  • Attention and intelligence . This game will also train the animal’s mind, which will learn to calculate the timing and frequency of throwing the object.

2. Water pipe

There are dogs who are more reluctant to water than others, but when it comes to play, there is no difference. If you have a garden or a large enough space, you can’t miss it!

There are two ways to play:

  1. You can start by sprinkling a few drops of water on your dog, who will chase you, trying to catch you while you try to get him wet again.
  2. Using the hose or a more powerful jet, you can turn the water into prey, inviting the dog to chase it . A perfect game on hot days.

Keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Moderate the pressure and strength of the water;
  • Never hit the dog on the muzzle;
  • Always keep your distance;
  • Take breaks, so as not to tire the animal excessively;
  • Don’t let him jump on you ;
  • If the dog appears too excited or aggressive, stop the activity and calm him down.

3. Tug of War

We are talking about one of the classics of dog games . It is ideal for dogs that are aggressive, or have a tendency to vehemently defend their territory. The only precaution, do not play with it if your pet is in a state of excitement.

You will only need a rope or a long hard toy, the ones that are less new and don’t mind breaking or throwing away. Be careful not to damage the animal’s mouth. If you own two dogs, or you can involve a friend’s, it  will be even more fun .

4. Fun with Different balls

There are many types of balls, of different colors, sizes and materials. They are the ideal pastime for your four-legged friends and  you can use them always inventing new games .

Each owner knows which activity is preferred by their four-legged friend and, thanks to the balls, you can have fun while passing the time in a myriad of ways:

  • Hunt the ball. Throw it away and try to get there first.
  • Canine calcium. Push it away with your feet!
  • Find the ball. You can dip the ball in the baby food or use some bait that your friend will have to try to find.

With these  dog games,  we hope to have given you some ideas for spending an afternoon with your pet, leaving the house and leaving the TV off for once. You can enrich these pastimes or, better yet, invent new ones.

5. Hide and Seek

To play hide and seek with a dog, you hide and call out the dogs name or make some noise. The dog will come looking for you.

Sports for dogs

If you have the opportunity and the time, know that there are dog centers where, in addition to advanced training, it is possible to carry out real canine sports together . Let’s talk about the famous dog agility , flyball (with the frisbee ): another perfect way to play with your dog.

Being with your pet and spending fun hours together  is good for both of you . Leaving aside work and worries, at least for a couple of hours, you can smile, relax and release the accumulated anxiety. At the same time, you will help your dog stay fit, improve physical fitness and train reflexes and intelligence. We just have to wish you a good game and have fun!