8 Foods that your cat loves and that you can give your cat in moderation

Do you know what foods cats love? Here is a small list of foods you can give your cat, always in moderation, to make him happy.

Anyone who shares their life with a feline is aware of how finicky it can be when it comes to nutrition.

However, there are some foods that our four-legged friend loves so much. Let’s see together which foods cats love and when it is possible to give them.

8 Foods that the cat loves so much

Proper nutrition is a very important element for the health of cats and any other animal.

It is defined according to the nutritional needs that serve the cat.

However, it is possible to give the cat, from time to time and in moderation, small snacks, which we remind you should never replace the feline’s daily lunch.

Here is a small list of foods your beloved cat will love as a treat or snack.


Carrots are not only a great food for humans, but also for our beloved felines. The latter are fascinated by the shape of this food and adore its flavor.

Thanks to its hard texture, the carrot is a kind of entertainment for the cat and also this food is useful for strengthening the cat’s teeth.


One of felines’ favorite snacks are cookies. The latter must be sugar-free or at least contain a very small amount of sugar.

It is also very important to give your cat cookies in moderation, as indeed all the foods on this list. To be on the safe side, you could make some homemade cookies for the cat yourself.


Cheese also belongs to the category of foods that cats love to eat.

They prefer aged cheeses. However, they do not despise other types of cheese as well.

Furthermore, this food is rich in proteins and calcium which should be given to the cat in small quantities. In the event that the cat is lactose intolerant it is recommended not to offer cheeses to the cat.


Although cats do not love fruits and vegetables as much, as they are carnivorous animals, in the list of foods adored by the cat we also find the banana.

This food is a rich source of potassium, an element that is good for the cat’s body. However, being a fruit, the banana is rich in sugar so it is advisable to give the cat this food in moderation.

Bread (especially wholemeal)

Bread is a source of fiber and protein not only for us humans but also for felines. It is preferable to offer the cat wholemeal bread rather than white bread.

It is also important to remember that this food should not replace the cat’s daily meal, but should be given a small piece occasionally.

Baby food

Cats also love baby food. The latter can be given to the cat especially when the cat is sick and cannot eat its food.

It is important to make sure that baby food does not contain onion or garlic or other foods that are harmful to the cat.


A very nutritious snack that our beloved feline will surely love is yogurt, specifically the white one.

This food has probiotics that can facilitate the cat’s digestion, especially if it is lactose intolerant.


Another food that cats love and that you can share with your kitty is oat flakes. In addition to the flavor, cats especially love the smell of this food.

In addition, oat flakes have B vitamins that are good for the brain and coat of our four-legged friends.

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