7 Tips to Remove cat hair from clothes

The toughest cat hairs can be removed from garments with adhesive rollers, duct tape, and even damp rags.

When a feline enters our life, everything turns into a cat! The shirts, the pants, the sweaters… All the clothes seem determined to be covered with a fine layer of hair from our friend. However, as detailed below, the hair cat can be removed from clothing with tricks simple : including use rollers with glue or duct tape , use latex gloves and rags soaked and even works to soak the garments in the most critical situations.

How to remove cat hair from clothes?

When a feline enters our life, everything turns into a cat! T-shirts, sweaters, pants and even the sofa seem to be covered with a fine layer of hair from our friend. This fact has an obvious explanation: cats are furry and their hair is part of their charms. The hair plays an important role in the sense of touch of the feline , in addition to protecting him from extreme temperatures, cold or heat.

The protective function of feline hair explains that it needs to be renewed to keep it healthy. This change occurs, above all, when temperatures are more moderate, that is, during spring and autumn in the northern hemisphere. And this hair is the one that almost inevitably ends up on the clothes of those who live with felines.

However, when it comes to love affairs as furry as that of the cat, it is important not to lose your cool. The hair of the cat can be removed from clothing with a few simple tricks, or at least, significantly reduced!

1. Remove cat hair from clothing with daily brushing

The daily brushing of the cat is the best way to remove dead hairs from the body of the cat and, consequently, to prevent these from falling and ending up on clothes. Cats need us to brush their fur every day to keep it healthy and protect their skin.

The rule of three, in this case, is simple: the better the feline is brushed, the more dead hairs will get caught in the quills, and the less will land on our clothes.

2. Remove cat hairs with glue rollers and adhesives

Cat brushing, however, does not always completely prevent its hair from ending up on clothing. The hugs and cuddles to the feline are a way to reduce stress , and a lover of animals is hard to resist. What to do then to remove the cat hairs that get caught in the clothes?

The quickest and easiest way to remove cat hairs from clothes is to use a clothes brush or glued paper roller. This type of accessories is sold in many specialized animal stores and can even be found in larger establishments at not too high prices. How are they used? The adhesive surface glides over the garments to collect the hairs.

cheaper alternative , however, is to use duct tape : although it is a bit more uncomfortable (it does not allow it to roll on clothing), it does the same job. Simply wrap your hand around a piece of tape (the part that does not stick), and hit the adhesive side on the garment.

For the less crafty, some commercial brands have created so-called hair removal brushes.

3. Rubber gloves or balloons to remove cat hair from clothing

The rubber gloves cooking (such as those used to scrub or latex) create static electricity to the rubbing surfaces as by clothing. This accumulation of electrical charges is very useful to attract the cat’s hair attached to clothing. However, it is necessary to periodically remove the trapped hairs, in order to make the glove more effective.

A more fun way to create this static electricity to kill cat hairs on clothes is to use a puffed up balloon. In the same way, you have to rub the ball on the sleeves and other hairy clothes and they are, due to the effect of electricity, trapped in the balloon! If there are children at home, they will undoubtedly love these house cleaning sessions.

4. Remove cat hair from clothes with wet cloths and sponges

A damp cloth or sponge removes cat hairs from clothes better, it also works to soak the clothes

Water is a great ally when it comes to removing cat hair that has remained on clothes. My trick is to wipe the clothes with a damp cloth and rub, since it is very effective in catching the hairs retained in the clothes.

Another option? moistened sponge can also be used. The key, again, is to remove the collected hairs from time to time and soak the cloth or sponge, so that the captured hairs remain floating in the liquid, and are released from the cloth.

5. Put the clothes to soak, so that the cat’s hair floats

In extreme cases , extreme measures. When a pants or sweater seems insurmountable due to the amount of cat hair that it has attached, a trick is to soak that garment in a basin with plenty of water, which allows the clothes to float in the liquid . In this way, the hairs accumulate among themselves, and a good part of them will rise to the surface. This will separate them from the garment, which was the goal.

6. Prevent the cat from entering the cabinets

This measure is preventive against feline hairs on clothing, but no less important. And it is that keeping the closet doors closed is the best barrier to keep them away from the clothes and prevent them from getting hairy. As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure .

In addition, the room where we keep most of the clothes can be declared a “hair-free zone” , that is, it is advisable to restrict the entry of cats to this room. It will be difficult, since these animals are capable of doing a thousand and one tricks in order to make us succumb to their charms. But it will be worth it, at least, to try.

7. Furry loves demand patience

If after trying all these tips, there are still some cat hairs on your clothes, the best advice is patience. The furry loves we share with cats and dogs have their quirks, and certainly one of them is accepting the fact that these four-legged companions … are surrounded by fur! That’s why we love you, right?

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