7 items not suitable for pets

When it comes to buying a toy for our pet, we always fear that it is too soft, too hard, or too small. One thing is certain: these precautions are not so valid, if you do not also worry about what you leave around the house, on the ground or in any other areas that can be reached.

Paying attention to this can save your pet’s life , as some objects may even lead to death. So that you can best protect your friend, below we reveal what are the most dangerous things and why.

What items are not suitable for animals?

Some of the objects that we will include in this list are a fundamental part of every home and cannot be removed. However, they can be hidden, to prevent them from coming into contact with your four-legged friend.

Electrical outlets

Animals, especially dogs, like to explore and touch everything . In case they lick a grip, they could be electrocuted. You will therefore have to take precautions: as mentioned, one of these could be to keep the sockets a little hidden, but you can also put those child protectors that plug them, thus preventing your dog from going to lick them.


You may have been angry when your pet broke a cable, particularly if it connected some expensive appliance or device. However, you may not have thought about how dangerous this can be for the dog.

If in the case of contact with the power outlets the dogs can be electrocuted, by nibbling the cables they can ingest small pieces of copper, causing such serious damage that not even the veterinarians can heal . The best option to prevent your pet from having access to it is to use one of those cable trays that you can add behind or under furniture, out of sight.


It is known that all dogs and even some cats like to play with the garbage . However, it is a prank that has far greater consequences than the unpleasant smell and the task of retrieving it around the house.

It is normal for bacteria and microorganisms to be generated in the garbage that can greatly damage the condition of your pet, in addition to the presence of food in poor condition, moldy or with worms . Without a doubt, this is not a place for cats and dogs to rummage.

The best solution is not to leave the garbage within reach of the animal, for example by using one of those bins with the lid that opens by pedal, moving it to the balcony or behind the door of a kitchen cabinet. In the latter case, it would be better to put a closure, for greater safety: dogs can in fact learn to open doors.

Objects placed on dangling fabrics

If, for example, you have decorated your home with one of those long and narrow centerpieces, which hang sideways, it could happen that, during a boring day, your dog will start pulling from one side. The result? What you have placed in the center of the table will fall on his head …

The kitchen

Like a child, the kitchen is a dangerous place for a dog, because he can cut himself, burn himself and expose himself to foods, such as onion or garlic, which are not good for him. Therefore, avoid that your dog enters the kitchen when you are at the stove: close the door and deny him access.

Cleaning products and insecticides

These products are known to be highly toxic . If your four-legged friend has easy access, they could even go so far as to cause their death. These types of substances can cause severe burns to the animal, both external and internal. The best thing would be to keep them inside a cupboard in the garden or on the terrace, or in the tall kitchen furniture.


Medicines indicated for people are not at all beneficial for pets. It is therefore of summary importance to keep them out of their reach. Storing them in an airtight container stored inside a piece of furniture would be a good option.

Those listed are the most dangerous items for your pet, although you still need to be careful of other things, such as needles or pins that have fallen on the ground . When buying special toys for your four-legged friend, first ask the vet which ones are the most suitable.