6 tips to prevent your cat from climbing the curtains

The cat loves to jump, climb, but also run. This animal is a real acrobat, especially when it comes to climbing curtains! It can therefore be difficult to manage it and prevent it from causing too much damage in the house. It is therefore essential to act quickly in order to properly educate your animal. In addition, certain behaviors can be dangerous for him. It can indeed unfortunately remain hung on the curtains or even take the rod on the head. The consequences can then be serious. This is why it is important to keep your feline away from these potential risks.

1/ Divert his attention

First of all, if you have just adopted a cat, it is important to supervise it when it ventures into its new environment. In addition, you can change your beautiful curtains with old ones that are more damaged. Indeed, as you do not yet know how he will react, it is better that he trash old fabrics rather than new ones.

It is then possible that he is very attracted by the idea of ​​climbing them. In this case, you can try to divert his attention, until he no longer attaches so much importance to it. They should become harmless and completely invisible to your tomcat. It is certainly easier said than done! Although it may be a long time before he gets tired of it, you shouldn’t give up hope.

2/ Install enough distractions for him

There is no shortage of cat toys on the market! Indeed, you can both make it yourself or buy it in store. However, it is true that they often do not attach importance to the games that we offer them. Thus, you can test several toys so that he can entertain himself as he wishes.

In addition, our cats are great climbers, so they must have something to climb and jump in order to spare your curtains. So try to install high corners that are accessible to them (for example cat trees), but also hidden areas. By having these possibilities, the cat will not have to use a more difficult path to dominate the room.

3/ Play with him

If the cat tries to climb the curtains, it is often to play. It is therefore necessary to make sure that nothing is missing. Spending time with him allows you to have fun with you and to exercise. Thanks to this, his attention will not be focused on your curtains. In addition to improving your bond, it allows your pet to be intellectually and physically stimulated.

You can also install a scratching post so that cat can use it whenever it wants. If he doesn’t care much about it at first, give him some time to adjust to it. However, if he continues to ignore it, encourage him to use it.

4/ Cut the curtains or make them inaccessible

If despite your attempts at play and sports facilities, your cat still only has eyes for the curtains, try making them inaccessible. You can shorten them so he can’t reach them even when jumping. If that’s not possible, hang them up or put objects in front of them to make it harder to get in.

5/ Perfume with a particular smell

Cats don’t like all smells! Indeed, some can attract them and others disturb them. So try spraying your curtains with an unpleasant scent to act as a natural repellent. Thus, they will think twice before coming back to face this unpleasant odor.

6/ Don’t leave it alone with curtains

If your cat takes advantage of your back to attack the curtains, don’t leave it alone. Watch him carefully when you are with them in order to correct him directly if he does something stupid. When you are away, be sure to put it in a room where there are no curtains. Thus, the risk of finding them damaged will be reduced.

When you add this tip to the previous ones, it is quite possible that your cat will gradually forget its interest in curtains. However, if your feline exhibits overly aggressive or unusual behavior, you should consult a veterinarian. Indeed, this attitude should not be obsessive, so keep an eye on your companion’s morale and state of health.

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