6 Reasons Cats Love Bathrooms

Does your cat usually follow you into the bathroom? It likes to rub your legs when you’re there, or even lie down in the sink? And if you have the misfortune to close the door and let them outside it starts meowing and scratching like crazy to get in? Rest assured, this is not an isolated case. Many cats like bathrooms. And there are several reasons for this.

1. They are fascinated by water

Although it is recognized that most cats do not like to be wet, many of them like to be near water. Indeed, water exerts a kind of fascination on them. It is not uncommon for our feline friends to watch the water flow for hours.

Some even go so far as to prefer to drink tap water, which is always fresh, rather than that from their bowl. Others even go so far as to drink the one from the bathtub or the shower!

2. They can’t stand closed doors

By closing the bathroom door in your cat’s face, you pique his curiosity. Indeed, cats like to know everything that is going on in their environment. And if there’s one thing they can’t stand, it’s not being free to come and go wherever they want on their own territory.

Especially since the bathroom is a place where you do a lot of intriguing things for your cat. Showering, brushing your teeth or combing your hair can be particularly hypnotizing for the curious animal that is your cat.

3. They love sinks

It may sound strange, but cats especially like sinks. At least their form. Indeed, the rounded edges of the sinks seem to invite our feline friends to come and take a nap. Lying in the sink, they feel like in a cocoon.

In addition, in summer, the coolness of the sink can be particularly pleasant, making the bathroom an essential place to come and relax.

4. They make it their playground

A bathroom can be likened to a playroom for cats. Indeed, there is a bathtub in which they can venture and which they can even sometimes scratch, there is toilet paper to play with, a bath mat to roll on or even hanging bathrobes.

In short, you will understand, a bathroom has many distractions for our feline friends!

5. They enjoy routine

Cats are animals that like to have their little habits. If you have got into the habit of brushing it in the bathroom, for example, it is not surprising that your cat accompanies you there every time you enter it.

Similarly, in the morning, if you go to the bathroom first before feeding your cat, it may be a sign that it‘s meal time.

6. They want attention

By following you into the bathroom, your cat knows it can have your full attention. Indeed, it knows you can’t resist petting them when it rubs against your legs while you’re sitting on the toilet. You are like “trapped” and it is very easy for them to attract your attention during these few minutes.

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