5 tips for controlling a hyperactive dog

If a dog is hyperactive, it means that he is full of energy. For this reason, before classifying it as destructive, messy or disobedient, we need to look for the most suitable way to channel all this panache. 

Before labeling him as “sick” and trying to calm him down with drugs, we recommend that you read this article. 

C ause of hyperactivity in dogs 

Although any dog ​​can be hyperactive, there are some breeds that are particularly gifted with large doses of energy. It all depends on their metabolism. For this reason, these animals in the past have been used in the following activities:

  • Pasture
  • By carriage
  • Relief
  • Towing sleds

Now imagine one of these furry friends who spends a good part of his day alone, in a small apartment and anxiously awaiting the hour of a walk and play. Isn’t it normal for you to try to channel your energy with the first thing you find, like a shoe or an armchair? 

For this reason, before welcoming a dog, it  is important to choose one of which you can follow the rhythm.

If you have a hyperactive dog, you need to look for a way to channel his overwhelming energy. We offer you some options. 

Dog breeds with more energy 

Responsibility is the golden rule when adopting an animal. For this reason, for our well-being and that of the new member of the family, we must choose, as well as with the heart, thinking about the time and space available to us, as well as the level of physical activity that we can or want to achieve together with him. 

Think, therefore, that  among the dog breeds with greater energy the following stand out: 

  • Dalmatian
  • B eagle
  • Cocker
  • Border Collie
  • Jack Russell
  • Boxer
  • Retriever

It must be remembered that factors such as climate, certain diseases and nutritional levels can also affect a dog’s hyperactivity. In this regard, therefore, consult a trusted veterinarian who can eliminate all your doubts about it. 

What to do if you have a hyperactive dog 

If a hyperactive dog is already part of your life, act so that all this energy is used in the best possible way. Below we leave you some advice: 

1-Long walks

Forget the quick walks just to do the needs and then immediately home. An extended tour leaves the owner and dog relaxed, calm and happy.

2-Lots of games 

Inside and outside the home you play lots of games that stimulate his sense of smell, his intelligence or, simply, that are fun for the animal, such as looking for the ball and bringing it back.

3-Train him for agility competitions 

It is a sport that allows the dog to run , jump, climb, have fun and, above all, to burn the excess energy it has.

4-Train together with your dog

Go for a run together or take him with you to the park, where he can freely interact with his fellows.

5-Many toys

The options are varied and you can buy them or make them yourself. Toys will entertain and keep him busy. 

It’s not the animal’s fault: help them channel their energy

If you have little time or energy to make your dog do one of the proposed activities, ask family or friends for help. If your bank account allows it, you can also opt for a dog sitter, or you can enroll him in a dog school where he can be trained for the distinct sports competitions for dogs.

Certainly a dog cannot properly channel excess energy if he is bored. If you do not provide the necessary stimulus, conduct problems will arise.

However, always remember that it is not his fault. Nowadays he does not pull a sled and does not control flocks, so look for alternative activities suitable for them so that his energy remains intact.

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