5 signs your cat trusts you

Felines are sometimes difficult to grasp. And for good reason, they are entirely guided by their instinct for survival, inherited from their wild ancestors. And for them, trust has nothing to do with love. Thus, it is quite possible that your cat likes you without trusting you. Indeed, for a cat, confidence is rarely gained in a few days! 

1. He rubs against you

The cats rub against anything they see as belonging to their territory (objects and humans). It’s a way of spreading their scent all over the place so that everything that makes up their environment has the same scent. This common and familiar scent reassures them and it is what makes them feel safe.

So, if your cat has a habit of rubbing its body against your legs or its head against your head, it is because it “marks” you scent. This way it knows that it can interact with you in complete safety since you are part of its social group. And believe us, it’s a big mark of confidence.

2. He sleeps with you

In the wild, cats don’t sleep anywhere. Indeed, moments of rest are particularly dangerous moments because this is where they are most vulnerable. In order to avoid being surprised by a predator, our feline friends have therefore adopted the habit of sleeping in highly secure places.

Therefore, if your cat is sleeping with you , it is because it knows that it has nothing to fear. You do not represent a threat to them, on the contrary, it considers that you will be able to warn them in case of danger.

3. He gently blinks at you.

Sometimes you catch your cat looking at you while blinking very slowly. As if it was dozing off. In reality, the meaning of this behaviour is quite different! Indeed, it is simply its way of making you understand that it trusts you. While it usually always stays on the lookout for the slightest danger, it leans its guard at your side . To answer them and let them know that you appreciate its gesture, do the same !

4. He shows you his belly

When your cat shows you his belly , it is knowingly putting themselves in a weak position. In fact, almost all of its vital organs are then exposed. This indicates that it feels safe enough around you to completely relax.

But be careful, if your cat rolls on the floor and shows you its belly, this does not necessarily mean that it wants you to stroke them there!

5. It eats you out of your hand (literally)

A hungry cat will tend to eat more easily from a human’s hand. But your cat doesn’t lack for anything. However, if it accepts to eat its food directly from your hand, it is proof that it does not have any suspicion towards you.

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