5 reasons why cats bite

Cats can bite in different circumstances. When they play, they feel attacked or in danger, when they are excited or nervous, they can even bite us to “tell” us that they appreciate us, and the reason why cats bite can have many different readings. Let’s see them.

The behavior of cats in the face of unexpected stimuli is different, as it will depend on their character, their education or social contact with other cats and even the way we interact with them.

Let us remember that cats are animals that, although they live in a domestic way with us, keep that natural essence of independence and survival .Therefore, not all cats are going to react the same to their relationship with humans, so we must know what their degree of social communication is, what things they may like and which they will not tolerate in any way.

My cat bites me when I’m playing with it

When we play with our cats, we often do it with our hands. They get used to perceiving them as “toys” and it is very likely that at some point, they will unload a bite against them, in the middle of the game.

It is important to say that it is recommended that you never use your hands directly in this process, as the game can be interpreted as an attack on your part (there is no object between you and it, the contact is direct).

How to avoid it? Use loud or colorful toys, such as feathers, reeds or ribbons, so that your cat gets used to playing with them and not directly with you . 

This way it will know when we are playing and when we are stroking it and it will not pick up that habit in the future. A good scratcher can also be a way to channel that energy from your cat.

My cat bites me when I pet it

It sure sounds like you, right? it is a normal and common behaviour in cats. It’s their way of saying, “not there!” or “enough already human”, I don’t want any more! ” and it is that we must know how to distinguish the time, place and duration of pampering. Although we think they like them, it is possible that they find them annoying, because of the area where they are directed, the gut and hind legs are not advisable, for them they are vulnerable areas, by nature and instinct. When the time comes, it is best to stop stroking “those most special areas” and wait a bit.

My cat bites me for love

Sometimes, your cat can feel happy, happy, excited, watching you and its way of expressing it is by giving small nibbles on the arm, leg, nose or chin if it has the chance.

Sometimes it is preceded by quick licks, but most of the time without causing damage or force.

It depends on whether your cat has a more impulsive character, these small bites may be painful and the important thing is not to react abruptly, as it is its way of telling you that it appreciates you.

If it is a very repeated habit in your cat, a reward strategy (when you do not bite – treat treat) may be the solution.

When a cat bites if it is in danger

Cats, if threatened, in a situation of danger or despair, can bite, as a measure of self-defence. Surely they will use their nails and snorts, to complement the bite and to be able to fully defend themselves in an alert situation. It is common in fights with other cats, especially since cats are very territorial and will not easily admit an intruder into their home.

What if it bites me for no apparent reason?

These above are the most common cases in which cats tend to bite. If you have detected that your cat does it and you do not find an apparent reason, it may be going through an episode of aggression.

It can be feline stress or it can even be a sign that it is not feeling well, in which case we advise you to put yourself in the hands of a veterinarian , who can analyze what is happening and determine the causes of this behaviour.

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