5 effective tricks to protect the cat from heat in Summer

With high temperatures, here are some simple precautions that will allow your cat not to suffer from the heat. Find out here how to protect the cat.

The warm season has come to life and with “it” the high temperatures and the sultry heat are also coming. One question for pet owners is: How can you protect them from this type of climate? Well, a few simple precautions will help your beloved feline overcome the scorching heat and avoid the classic and dangerous heat stroke.

From home to accessories: tips on how to protect your cat from the heat

Unlike people, cats do not sweat so it is more difficult for them to disperse the excess heat. Cat manages to keep the body temperature low by adopting these behaviors:

  • does not expose itself to the sun;
  • does not exercise (does not play, does not run, does not jump, does not roll);
  • drink water frequently;
  • panting.

So how can we help him in all this?

1 – The environment where the feline lives: if your home is equipped with air conditioners, it will cool the air if it is too hot. Do not overdo it, however, you must always carefully direct the air conditioning in favor of the cat. If there are no air conditioners in the house, keep the shutters and curtains closed during the hottest hours of the day and place fans near the windows to allow air circulation. The cat will then choose the place to lie down and sleep. If cat is used to spending time outside, you will still have to keep him indoors during the hours when the temperatures are really hot, that is, from 10:00 to 16:00 approximately. If your cat always lives outdoors you will need to make sure that there are shaded areas where he can rest or you will have to create a space for him to retreat to.

2 – The water bowl: as mentioned, cat drinks a lot of water and frequently. Make sure you provide him with fresh, clean water so change it often throughout the day.

3 – Games and physical activity: we first anticipated that cat avoids physical activity in order not to raise his body temperature. Do not try to play at all costs with the cat, let him rest and take naps especially on the hottest days and hours.

4 – The coat and the hygiene of the cat: the shaggy coat retains the heat; brush cat every day and make sure his coat is clean, brushed and above all knot-free. Proceed to groom your cat during the coolest hours of the day so that he can relax on the ground. Do not shave the fur to the point of exposing the skin, the cat could get sunburned and, over time, develop a skin tumor.

5 – Accessories: on the market you can find some accessories that help the cat with the heat. If cat just can’t stay still and lives away from home you can opt for a playhouse that protects him from direct sunlight, if instead the cat is not afraid of water you can buy a mini-pool to fill with water and floating toys. .

Finally, remember that if you want to take your cat on vacation and are planning to do many excursions and walks, you can equip yourself with a carrier-backpack; a solution very similar to the baby carrier.

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